heather palmer

heather palmer

Every month new people say yes to their health & fitness journey with me. This Bootcamp is about overall wellness, self love, confidence, and community! Welcome to our Virtual Fit Club.


What I know is This

Inside my Virtual Fit Club you will be connected with:

Tools (workout program, nutrition plan, supplements)  hand picked for you that will get you the results you crave.

Goodies – free swag, prizes, shaker cup, access to a new app & the HUTT Tool Box

Full access to our community that you will find support, encouragement & new friends.

Me as your coach, your personal cheer leader & encourager. 

You Sold?!

You ready to say YES and make this month count?! All you gotta do is copy & paste the following questions into an email, answer them and send to heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com and we will get started right away.

  • Where are you? CANADA, USA,UK or France. 
  • Are you a coach or currently working with a coach?
  • Have you ever used Beachbody products in the past? 
  • Do you already have BeachBody on Demand?
  • Fav type of proteins? Whey or vegan or no clue?
  • Fav Flavor – chocolate, vanilla, cafe latte or tropical Strawberry?
  • What are your health and fitness goals? This can be ANYTHING! Lose weight, gain confidence, FEEL better, gain muscle and tone, etc.
  • Do you currently have a health and fitness routine? If yes, what are you currently doing?
  • What things have held you back in the past when it came to your health and fitness?
  • What questions can I answer for you?!

I am watching for your email right now!  Reserve your Seat today as you do not want to miss out!  

What Are you Waiting For?!!

Grab your freebie!

How To Use the Scale as a Tool

I don't eat spam so I would not send spam. Email is a great way to stay connected & as a thank you you will receive my free worksheet.

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