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14 Day Free with Heather Palmer

You have been watching me on social media now for 6+ months, showing up every day doing fun, crazy workouts with insane results & now you want in on the action as well!!  Buuuttt.. the cost is what is holding you back, you aren’t sure about the return on investment. I get it.. so….

I have NEWS FOR YOU!!!  You have been granted a 14 day FREE trial of all the workouts in the library. YES FREE!!


Here is what you are going to get for free!!!!

  • 14 days no cost investment to try out NAME Brand, workouts from amazing trainers right in your own home
  • Access to nutritional plans & program materials
  • Me – as your coach for 14 days, encouraging you, motivating you and supporting you 110% of the way
  • An email from me EVERY DAY highlighting a new workout for you to try that day
  • A reminder email that your trail is expiring & what decisions, choices you have ahead of you if you want to continue

So as long as you have something with the internet and a screen .. you have all the tools you need for the next 14 days!!

You must be 18+ years, and live in either Canada, USA or the UK.

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