Free Week!!

Yes you read that title correctly. FREE, no money needed, only a 7 day commitment is all that is required of you.

This is the perfect opportunity for you to try out the workouts I do, and eat some great meals that may spark a healthy habit in your life. And what is even better is there is no product sales/buying involved. ALL FREE!

I will run this group once a month for 7 days. It will start on a Monday and end on that Sunday.

You ready to get started? Let’s go.

Next Group Starts In....

February 3, 2020 

YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE 9PM MST Sunday January 31 or you will miss this week. 

What you get:

  • 6 at home workouts that range between 20-30 minutes
  • a full week of meals with grocery shopping list
  • Me, as your coach to see why this works
  • A glimpse inside what an accountability group looks & feels like

To view the workouts all you need is internet. You can use a computer, tablet, phone, smart TV….etc.

I will be with you every day, every workout and every meal.  I won’t leave you hanging.

First Thing You Must Do Is:

In order to access the workouts, you must create a FREE account with me listed as your coach. You will not be able to access the workouts or meal plan without this free account. Just click the button below to sign up now.

If you already have an account, then we will need to switch your existing one over to my team, this can take up to 72 hours so make sure you contact me with plenty of time before the group starts. Email me at with the name & email address associated with your account so we can request the transfer ASAP.

Once your account is set up, or switched over I will be in touch with an email invite to our private group that is help on an app off your mobile device. We will open the group for prep & questions 5 days before we start and once we start, register will close and you will have to wait for next months group.

If you are already on my team, please just contact me, you have access to all this already.  (insert wink face emoji)

If you already have an account with me, and you want in this month’s group you MUST SEND ME AN EMAIL,, I will not just add people to the group without an email from you.  

You ready?!  I am!!!!

I will be watching for your registration/email to come my way!


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