Coming winter 2020, Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese will launch 9 Week Control Freak, a nine-week fitness program that will help you build muscle, shed fat, boost endurance and increase definition from head to toe faster than you ever thought possible.  You ready for the 9 Week Control Freak Bootcamp. 

9 week control freak

Did 2020 take you down? Feel out of control? Lost? Not sure which way is up? I do, I feel all those including the loss of my power, my control. BUT it’s time to take it back & the 10th program by Autumn is just what I need.

New moves, new equipment and results guaranteed! Let’s start 2021 by taking back control! 9 Week Control Freak is on!!

According to Autumn she created the program “specifically for anyone that has little time to workout but still wants to burn off a ton of fat.”

9 Week Control Freak BootCamp

What to expect:

Autumn designed 9 Week Control Freak as three phases that will increase in intensity and exercise difficulty, 5 days a week, three weeks at a time.  3 phases that increase with intensity focusing on taking control on nutrition, fitness & sleep.

Each week will have:

  • three DCT-T workouts (Density, Complexes, and Tabata Training),
  • one day of Total Body Tone,
  • and one day of Tabata Cardio and Core.

Each workout is maybe 30 minutes long.

9 weeks control freak

What Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll need a few key pieces of equipment to do 9 Week Control Freak:

  • Control Track with B-LINES Resistance Band. This adjustable resistance device easily attaches to a qualified door or can be mounted on a wall (Note: It’s important that you only use the Control Track as instructed in our demonstration video and follow the installation guideline provided with the Control Track for safe use).
  • Fitness Step (similar to the one used in Transform :20 with the ability to add height)
  • Core Ball
  • Dumbbells: light, medium, and heavy

Most can be purchased with your bootcamp registration, others you can pick up at local stores. I will help you.

You can’t out work bad eating habits.  The program includes the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition. But …..there are 3 approaches to nutrition for you as food is not a one size fits all. And my role will be to help you pick which path will fit your life.

  • Ultimate Portion Fix  – Autumn will teach you how to take the guesswork out of eating the right portions, every time, while you still get to enjoy your favorite foods — plus cocktails and dessert!
  • 2B Mindset – uses four simple guidelines to help you lose weight while still eating larger volumes of food to help you feel satisfied. People say this approach works because it helps them lose weight without feeling deprived.
  • HUTT DIET – i will teach you to eat the way I do which is healthy fats, unwanted carbs, timed nutrition & taking in moderate proteins

You want results, I will help you get them!

And we can up your commitment with Shakeology, Performance line & beachbars.  


There are 2 release dates for this program. One involves you being part of the VIP early access, the other is the general release date into our library of workouts. 

Coaches we can begin prep as early as December 7, 2020

VIP access begins December 21, 2021

MY BOOTCAMP will begin January 4, 2021

Member library launch is May 24, 2021

But don’t wait till those dates to begin. I have the perfect member library workout to get you started. It will get your comfortable with Autumn, her moves & how our Virtual Fit Gym works. 

And yes, there will be a free no cost needed full length sample workout coming soon. Want that first? then send me an email right now to get on the list!

I won’t list the cost of any packages here, we buid your total solution package to fit your budget, goals & lifestyle. Email me for complete details.

Send me an email right now at with the subject line 9 WEEK CONTROL FREAK BOOTCAMP & let’s get started so we can hit 2021 with the ground running!

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