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I'm Heather, your new fit BFF.

I have always been so eager to work with people, especially with women to help them take back their lives, and live their best life. Yes, even after 40!

That means less struggles with mental health issues, auto immune disorders & more.  And over the years I found the secret is not in a personal development book or faith, but rather starts with how we treat our body. We begin to love ourselves from the outside in.  And this is where the HUTT was born. A place for you to learn how to do that.

You are on this page for a reason. Let’s set you up today for success.

I tell really bad corny jokes, like 80’s tunes, Star Wars is the only movies to watch. Harrison Ford is my celebrity list & I do 100 different things in a day. I get the busy of life, but you must always come first. I know health doesn’t look the same on every one and that is why I am committed to helping you find a path that works for you. You just gotta start talking to me. 

Why Me?

50 pounds overweight, I did try everything. Turns out it’s those pesky hormones. I won’t recommend anything I have not had success with.

Health is Wealth

You are not going to be able to get health without some time & money spent on you. You are an investment. Your health deserves your attention.

Stronger Now

I am in my mid 40’s & am the strongest, leanest I have ever been. At home workouts have opened the door to a healthy lifestyle.

No Meniscus

Don’t give me excuses. I can list you 100 reasons why I should not be doing this, and yet I find 30 minutes a day for me. If I can – you can.

A Little About Me

A healthy lifestyle is not a one size fits all. I get that! I am living proof of that fact. And that is why you need me in your life.

heather palmer

You don't need to spend hours a day with a meal plan or a fitness routine. I got you covered with time to spare.

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