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Welcome to the HUTT

I am Heather, the cheeky lady who lives in hoodies, bare feet, drinks way too much coffee & always has my camera in hand. I tend to move lots, it’s called exercise and I like to share my passion with others. I may have the energy of a dozen toddlers, but hanging out with others and whether it’s capturing their memories or teaching a lifestyle change through proper eating and movement, I am always there for you!

I have struggled with how to present myself to you, and the HUTT was born.

Before we dive into what the means here are a few fun facts about me:

  • My camera was always in my hand so in 2007 I decided to make it a business, I will capture almost anything but a wedding. BUT with that my instagram feed is completely raw and unprofessional looking as I want real, not photoshopped life showing through.
  • Married mom of 2, in my 40’s trying to make my body, mind & spirit the healthiest it can be through proper nutrition, at home workouts, running when it’s not snowing and studying martial arts in my spare time
  • Fall of 2017 it was discovered I have no meniscus in my left knee and how i workout had to change, and that includes leading a no impact MMA Inspired group fitness class in the town I live and in 2019 will be adding another format to teach.
  • I live in northern\central Alberta where it is cold most of the year, originally from the coast of BC where it rains more then snows. Now it’s the other way around.
  • I have struggled my whole life with a hormone imbalance that stopped the process of weight loss & triggered multiple auto immune issues within my body. And the answer was food. Food cured me!

I have always been so eager to work with people, work with women to help them take back their lives, and live their best life. And yes that means less struggles with mental health issues, auto immune disorders & more.  And over the years I found the secret is not in a personal development book or faith, but rather starts with how we treat our body. We begin to love ourselves from the outside in.  And this is where the HUTT was born. A place for you to learn how to do that. A place both in person if you live local or virtually to help you begin to love yourself from the outside in. 

The HUTT stands for our bodily movement. Helping U Tone & Train. I want you inside with me, there are 3 ways you can apply to join today.

  1. Apply to join now
  2. Workout in person at a group fitness class that I teach
  3. Join my Running club

OR if movement isn’t your jam, let’s talk nutrition. It’s no secret that I eat a low carb lifestyle and I love to share this way of eating, my why and success with others

  • Healthy fats
  • Unwanted Carbs
  • Timed Nutrtion
  • Taking in moderate proteins

This is how I eat, and have sustained my weightless and I share this with my team. We work through healthy eating with tools that works, visulailizations of your plate, we hit up emotional eating and if you need it portion control and how to make healthy eating a family affair. 

So no matter what you are here for I’m so glad you are here, make sure to connect with my on various social networking platforms ( Links at the bottom ) and see what I am really about. And I look forward to hearing from you on how I can work with you!  And you can email me at any time

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