In my experience with working with people on their health journey, the #1 reason why people stop & start all the time is lack of accountability. They think they can’t, begin to believe it & stop showing up to make it work. When I created a path of accountability for me – that was the end of the yo-yo. It’s been 4 years & counting for me. So this spring i want to offer you the ultimate challenge that comes with accountability up the wazoo. Are you up for it?

This is not a physical transformation group, this is all about mental toughness, designed to develop all of the characteristics you lack in life that have landed you where you are at today.

There are 5 activities you must complete each day for 75 days. If you alter, forget, justify an excuse to not do one or more then tomorrow you start over at day 1. Now, I have been following people online for the last year who have been doing this challenge & most have to restart multiple times because of the lack of accountability with themselves & the lack of community to help.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready to push myself & see what I am truly made of.

The daily tasks are this:

  • Follow a diet, any way of eating but you must stick to it 100% so that means no cheats, no sneaks, no falling off the wagon
  • You must drink 1 gallon of water every day. 
  • You must complete two 45 minute workouts a day and one must be outdoors
  • Take a progress photo of yourself every day
  • Read from a book ( no audio or podcasts allowed) 10 pages of personal development.

That’s it. It’s not really that hard when you think about it.  But doing it alone can seem daunting, difficult & yes scary. 

Are You Up For It?

Now here is what I am offering up.

I will host an online accountability group for the duration of the challenge. Day 1 will be May 1, 2021 sooooooo.. that means April is prep month.  I want you to succeed, I want you to come out on day 75 amazing. That means I will work with you 1:1 on getting your water intake up now so a gallon won’t be hard work. I want to help you design a fitness plan – even if that means walking, let’s do it. AND of course eating. I will eat the HUTT way with macro counting and will work with you on how you want to eat & teach you how so when May comes you are set.

I am not making any money off of hosting this challenge. This is just me being me, wanting to work with you to better yourself. And yes I plan on doing this along side you. If you are willing to give everything you got then you need to join me.

Don’t think about what you would be giving up. Think of what you will gain:

  • confidence
  • grit
  • belief in yourself
  • fortitude
  • endurance
  • perseverance
  • a drive to win

I can help with tools if you don’t have a fitness plan, a way of eating plan. And I thought it would be sooo cool if we all read the same book so we could use our group as an online book club too!

If you are ready – Let’s go…  the only catch is you must be over 18 years & live somewhere in Canada, USA, UK or France for the app we will use to host the group. 

Send me an email right now to with the subject line 75HARD  and let’s begin the path together. 


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