Beachbody Fit Club

You have all been to Tupperware parties, maybe even a 31 Gifts party but have you been to a Beachbody Party? Probably not.. well if you live local then you are in for a real treat!!!

You are welcome to attend our next one on Monday, February 17th ,2020 at 6.30pm

  • Talk nutrition
  • Share new products as they come out
  • Share about a “featured ” product that you can purchase that night as a cash & carry item. 
  • We will actually do a workout together from the catalog of programs that I currently workout from. 20-45 minutes depending on what one I pick, no equipment will be needed so come in workout clothes with a water bottle & towel
  • Question & Answer time for anything you may want to talk about in regards to Beachbody products and nutrition 

Does it cost anything to attend a Beachbody Fit Club?

No.but if you would like to donate towards over head costs I cover to put this on I won’t say no.

Do I have to buy anything?

Absolutely not! Beachbody Fit Clubs are all about helping the community, and offering free information and advice. There is never any pressure to buy anything! Although the workouts are free, participants do have the option to purchase Beachbody Fitness and Nutrition Programs directly from me at any time. When participants purchase from me, it helps fund and maintain the Fit Club and on top of that, participants will receive FREE Coaching and everything that they need to get the best results!

How often can I attend?

As often as you like. You can come to one or all, I don’t keep attendance from one fit club to the next.

Who can attend?

At this time all participants must be 18 years & older.  At this time there is no child minding available for liability concerns.

Where is Beachbody Fit Club?

We will be at 9610B Morinville Dr in Morinville (The United Church building but in the Rooke School of Karate side of the building)

What to Bring?

Come in workout clothes, bring a water bottle & towel to wipe your sweat off and cash if you wish to purchase a cash & carry item that night. We will be working out in bare feet on a matted floor.

Do You Need to Register?

Yes please, this helps with logistics of set up. Especially if I have take away’s I want to ensure I have enough. Or if it’s a bad week and no one can attend than I will stay home. 

You can register via the event tab on my facebook page or email me at or use social media messenger and send me a message. I just need to know you are coming!

Details are:

FEBRUARY 17, 2020 at 630pm.

IGot questions? Please ask, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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