• Unleash the Inner Athlete

    645 Amoila cesar

    Unleash the Inner Athlete Strength. Power. Visible results. Training that respects the body and your well-being. Created by Amoila Cesar – 645 is the commitment that changes everything. But before we can run, we gotta learn to walk and that is what this virtual group is all about. We start in June and will end […]


  • Are You Up For It?

    Are you up for it?

    In my experience with working with people on their health journey, the #1 reason why people stop & start all the time is lack of accountability. They think they can’t, begin to believe it & stop showing up to make it work. When I created a path of accountability for me – that was the […]


  • Love Your Body Bootcamp

    Love Your Body Bootcamp Get ready to GET UP and HAVE FUN within this year’s love your body bootcamp. Shaun T is back with an all-new dance fitness program that puts the emphasis on happiness, positivity, and feeling good — while giving you an amazing and effective full-body workout. Fit is not a size, it’s […]


  • Healthy Supplements 101

    heather palmer

    In the world of healthy, the topic of supplements will come up. And the info on them is like a rabbit hole – never ending. Seriously, you can get lost and overwhelmed with the info out there. The why, how, when & more. I want to take this post to talk to you about healthy […]


  • Pride is the Original Sin

    I get asked a lot how I stay motivated. How do I keep going day after day, week after week, year after year. How have I stayed on track, kept the weight off and still remain positive. The secret lies in accountability. And in this one action, human nature is displayed in full effect. Pride […]