• Sample image with slider

    Sometimes you may need to upload a lot of pictures on a blog post. It might result in a long loading page and readers might need to scroll along the way. But if you’d love to keep your blog post short and sweet, yet able to show lots of images, this can be a solution […]

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  • Why Do You Keep Starting Over?

    why do you keep starting over

    YES! Every time I talk with someone, the story is the same. Always starting,always quitting and always starting again. It gets tiring and I can get why you are deflated and hesitant to start again. But what would you do if I told you I had a secret, a tool that if you stick to […]

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  • Sample post with image aligned left

    Donut sweet roll croissant. Tiramisu chocolate cake dragĂ©e cotton candy. Chocolate bar pudding jelly. Danish macaroon brownie cake croissant. Caramels donut bonbon wafer lemon drops carrot cake marzipan tiramisu. Chocolate cake liquorice gingerbread gummies. Cookie macaroon bear claw candy canes biscuit marzipan jujubes cotton candy. Jujubes cupcake bear claw brownie. Carrot cake chocolate bar carrot […]

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  • Sample post with image aligned right

    Jelly I love applicake ice cream sesame snaps cookie sweet roll. I love oat cake I love powder donut chocolate bar I love chocolate bar tiramisu. Applicake icing powder chocolate lemon drops. I love jelly caramels cheesecake. I love gummi bears jujubes gummies I love. I love sweet roll sweet roll sugar plum tart tootsie […]

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  • Meal Planning Made Simple

    meal planning made simple

    If nutrition is 80% of our weight loss success why is it so hard?! It’s hard because we have made it hard. But it’s time to start over, and make healthy eating a lifestyle and non restriction in the treats we deserve.

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  • Operation Dad Bod!


    Men Only 8 Week Boot Camp This is the first time EVER that we have offered up a Men Only Workout!  This is your chance to get in on it at the ground level and have that amazing summer, shirtless body in time for the heat in June! Operation Dad Bod It’s so important for […]

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