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  • We All Have the Same 24 Hours

    We All Have the Same 24 Hours

    645 Beachbody Program

    I did it! I completed my 7th workout program this year. This one was by far the hardest I have done to date. 13 weeks. 90 days. And yes I am stinking proud of myself.  And this post is going to slap you in the face. Tough love time. If you can’t handle the heat, leave the kitchen now. You have been warned. See…. we all have the same 24 hours. It’s what you choose to do with them that counts.

    This program wasn’t about developing show muscles, or losing weight. It was for me about strengthening my  flexibility, mobility, range of motion & tackling the inner dark parts of my mental health.

    I started this program August 9, 2021 and here we are on November 6th, 2021 and I am done. I mentioned in my IG stories today that all the people who were watching me then are still watching me today & this could be their celebration if they had said yes to their health. 

    We All Have the Same 24 Hours

    I was so stoked to start this program. I had asked a lot of people to join me and many said no.  The top reasons were:

    • I don’t have the time to commit
    • I have a physical limitation
    • It looks too hard


    Well.. now here is the part of this post where it gets tough. So … I am warning you now.. leave if you can’t handle some tough love.

    It was not hard. Our bodies will only go where our minds go. I had to trust my trainer, trust the process and trust my body would respond in ways it was designed to. And yes my body delivered. Disfunctions I never knew existed in my shoulders & hips were pointed out & corrected. This program got easier because my mobility got better. And it pains me to hear women talk down about themselves. Sweetheart – you are so much stronger then you give yourself credit for!

    We all Have the Same 24 Hours

    Physical limitation? Um.. I have no meniscus in my left knee, that means it is 100% bone on bone in that leg. PAIN CITY EVERY DAY. So yes, some moves I had to modify and that is a-ok. I live with chronic pain of degenerative osteoarthritis in that leg on top of that pain. This program took the exercises that physical therapists use in rehab and reverse engineered it to make it preventive.  Work on that mobility so you won’t injure yourself. And yes I am stronger in my leg as a result of this.

    The #1 reason for people not joining me was time. They all said they didn’t have the time. Yet somehow… each of those persons found the time EVERY SINGLE day to watch my progress on my Instastories.  The average person spends 145 minutes a day on social media. I only asked for 45 of those minutes a day.

    Some said the commit of 13 weeks was too much as they had too much going on in their life.  (insert big sigh) My life has been crazy. The last 13 weeks have been insane. Let me breakdown the stresses I faced in the last 90 days. Not to brag.. but to show you we all have the same 24 hours and how we use them tells a story.

    Since August 9th I have had to deal with:

    • Back to school rush with 2 kids ( Middle & Jr High School)
    • Back to work routine
    • The stress of the 4th Covid Wave
    • The first day back to work 2 parents threatened me
    • I have had sick kids with vomit on my bus
    • My bus broke down on a highway with kids present
    • I had a stalker follow my route one morning in the dark
    • Almost been hit by multple deer
    • 2 children were suspended off my bus in the first week back to school
    • It’s sooo dark when I leave I stress over the safety of each child boarding my bus
    • My hubby had a birthday
    • We had Thanksgiving AND Halloween
    • I had breast surgery in which a lump was removed & I had the post surgery recovery to deal with
    • My daughter made Comp Crew for karate which added 2 extra nights out to our already 3 nights out a week for karate and now takes one Saturday a month out
    • I had a bout of food poisoning
    • An IBS flare up as well


    And I know I am forgetting more.. but you get my point. LIFE IS CRAZY. Life will never slow down, there will never be a right time, a better time or a calmer time. EVER.


    And to add in the mental struggle of showing up.  I was not motivated every single day of the last 90. There were day’s I went back & forth listing every reason to NOT workout.  But when I have goals to be a better human. Learn how to show up better in life. This space I give myself every day to workout is where I can put those tools to practice. If I can prove to myself I can do pushups or cleans or over head carries I can do the hard things in life.  I said yes on August 9, and here we are 90 days later. The time was going to go by anyways. Least with me saying yes to myself, I don’t regret where I am today and that is in a different space, better body then I was 13 weeks ago.

    If you don’t make the time for your health today. You will soon be forced to make time for your illness tomorrow.  #enoughsaid 

  • Month of Macros

    Month of Macros with Heather Palmer

    Month of Macros

    Seven years it took me to lose 45 pounds. I tried EVERYTHING. I restricted everything, ran all the miles and still nothing happened. It wasn’t until I discovered the secret. MACRONUTRIENTS. So this July, 2021 I am going to share everything on how I released the weight & have kept it off 4 years & counting. July is going to be the Month of Marcos.

    You in? Space is limited.

    What will You Get?

    Well, beside how to eat all the foods you love with no restriction or cutting out you will learn how to fuel your body correctly, and begin to lose the weight & learn how to keep it off.

    We start July 4, 2021 & each week that month we will have a different focus:

    • Learn all about Calories
    • Apply customized macro tracking to your plan
    • Learn about how to balance what we eat
    • An introduction into Intermittent Fasting

    We will talk supplements as that is a hot topic,  you will get access to 80+ full length workout programs to choose from, there will be daily accountability, tracking what you eat for the month is a must and yes I will teach you how, and progress photos will be taken as the scale tends to lie.

    There will be no cutting out foods, or restriction on food groups, you want to eat carbs – let me teach you how to enjoy them and still lose weight! #trustme 

    It is time to ditch the diet, live your life and be the healthiest version of you possible.

    Space is limited, you must email me right now at with the subject line MONTH OF MACROS. Deadline is June 25. 

  • Unleash the Inner Athlete

    Amoila Cesar 645

    Unleash the Inner Athlete

    Strength. Power. Visible results. Training that respects the body and your well-being. Created by Amoila Cesar – 645 is the commitment that changes everything. It is time to unleash the inner athlete within you.

    But before we can run, we gotta learn to walk and that is what this virtual group is all about. We start in June and will end in November. The commitment isn’t for the faint of heart but it’s for you. The person who always quits, gives up or walks away. THIS IS FOR YOU.

    645 is the Program we are working towards

    But we must learn to walk first:

    June 1, 2021 our virtual group opens for anyone interested. 

    June 6 we begin one week of prep. We will learn all about our trainer Amoila Cesar, nutrition plans, tools we will need & even do a few sample workouts to get a flavor for what we are working towards

    June 14 we begin 2 weeks of 4 Weeks of the Prep ( see below for a description)

    June 28 we will begin 6 Weeks of the Work ( again see below for more)

    August 9 we will begin 645. 

    This will take us just past Halloween.   You can join us for 1 or pieces of this online group. My goal is to stay to the end, commit to myself and do it all. You with me? I sure hope so.

    Unleash the Inner Athlete

    4 weeks of the prep

    4 Weeks of THE PREP is inspired by the same kinds of functional training regimens Amoila creates for his private clientele. However, 4 Weeks of THE PREP has shorter workouts and modifications for every move to help you get your body and mind ready for Amoila’s advanced training.

    5 days a week, you’ll do a 30- to 40-minute workout designed to help you gain muscle and torch fat— all while preparing you to take on Amoila’s more advanced training. While these workouts include modifications for every move and are not as intense as the ones in 6 Weeks of THE WORK, you’ll still have to give Amoila your all every single day if your goal is to get to 6 Weeks of the Work which comes next.  

    You’ll also get one crucial active repair day and one rest day each week. These are intended to both help your body recover and enhance your mobility.

    6 Weeks of the Wrok

    6 Weeks of THE WORK is training like you’ve never experienced before. It’s six weeks of unforgiving workouts designed by Amoila Cesar, one of the world’s most sought-after trainers in professional sports, to help you gain muscle, torch fat, and get in the best shape of your life. This program isn’t a walk in the park—not by a long shot. But if you want the results, you gotta do THE WORK.

    6 Weeks of THE WORK is cutting-edge functional training designed to help you build real-world strength that translates beyond the gym. In six weeks, you won’t just be leaner, but you’ll also be stronger,more agile and mobile, and see improvements in your performance in everyday life—all while strengthening your mental game.

    Five days a week, you’ll do a butt-kicking 45-minute workout. Sweat will drip, your muscles will burn, and your stamina will be tested, but if you want results, you’ve got to commit and hustle every single day. As the weeks go by, Amoila will crank up the intensity by adding new moves and progressing the moves you’ve learned. You’ll also get one crucial active repair day and one rest day each week.

    Unleash the Inner Athlete

    645 with Amoila Cesar

    Amoila Cesar has cracked the code training professional athletes to get the most out of their workouts without jeopardizing their game-time performance.

    His secret? Don’t overtrain. It’s the model for his revolutionary new program: 645.

    645 combines strength training, cardio, and mobility work using functional, powerful moves that will target your entire body, and still leave you feeling invigorated, energized, and ready for anything.

    Commit to Amoila for 13 weeks, and he’ll help you build a legit fit body without feeling constantly sore and spent.

    645 is 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day, for 13 weeks.

    What's Included

    A year’s membership to the full library

    VIP/Early Access to 645

    Membership to Nutrition+ to help you in the eating game which leads to BODi

    Monthly superfoods &/or performance supplements to up your game

    Full access to our virtual group  with complete support, accountability & encouragement

    Full access to my coaching 1:1

    Full access to my members only tool box that contains the HUTT diet, meal plans, meal prepping & more

    Even if it’s just for prep week to get the info to make a decision, email me right now at with the subject line UNLEASH ME!  and let’s talk price, commitment & goals. 



  • Love Your Body Bootcamp

    Lets Get Up

    Love Your Body Bootcamp

    Get ready to GET UP and HAVE FUN within this year’s love your body bootcamp.

    Shaun T is back with an all-new dance fitness program that puts the emphasis on happiness, positivity, and feeling good — while giving you an amazing and effective full-body workout.

    Fit is not a size, it’s a mindset & if you are willing to give me 30 minutes a day 6 days a week for 30 days – you will find that inner joy, self body love & more. 

    This is the workout you want to show up for! Shaun T has created a breakthrough integration of dance and fitness that’s easy to follow and accessible to all dance and fitness levels.

    Whether your motivation is to lose weight, get healthy, or show off your dance skills on your favorite social media platform, Shaun delivers the ​moves​, the method, ​inspiration,​ and ​results​.

    With his unmatched energy and motivating style, Shaun guarantees this will be the greatest 30-35 minutes of your day.

    LET’S GET UP! helps you live your best life. It’s a celebration of self-confidence, body positivity, inner strength, and joy that delivers a physical AND mental transformation.

    Love Your Body Bootcamp

    What makes LET’S GET UP! unique?

    Shaun takes the free-spirited energy of dance and turns it into a real workout that will help you get real results. Four days a week you’ll perform easy-to-follow dance moves with Shaun and the cast showing off their own personal style, so you’ll always find someone who inspires you. To elevate the workout and push your fitness to the next level, Shaun throws in a quick hit of high-intensity INSANITY-style intervals to spike your heart rate (there’s a modifier showing a low-impact option in every workout). And because this is a complete package, Shaun includes 2 Dumbbell Resistance workouts per week, set to rhythm, so you can build muscular endurance and tone from head to toe while grooving to a beat.

    At the end of every dance workout you’re rewarded with a final “performance moment” that’s perfect for sharing on social media, because why wouldn’t you show off those amazing dance skills? And for the first time ever, the workouts include onscreen visual cues called Cameos that help you see what’s coming next. No matter how uncoordinated you may think you are, you can learn these dance moves and get great results.

    And then there’s the music. LET’S GET UP! features everything from pop to hip-hop, swing, musical theatre, Latin, rock, and even island grooves. You’ll go crazy for the variety as you turn up the celebration with every workout. There are even tracks written in Spanish and French. If that’s not enough to get you excited, Shaun even wrote and performed some of the music himself! He says, “I created amazing tracks to take you on a journey and let you be unapologetically YOU. The music and lyrics will drive you to move, so you can be free to just dance.”

    What to Expect & what you will get

    • 16 Unique Dance Workouts
    • 4 Resistance Workouts
    • Dance Conditioning: LET’S TURN UP!
    • Shareable Moments
    • Bonus Rooftop Workout
    • Sample Workout
    • Get Started Guide & Workout Calendar
    • Quick Start Nutrition Guide
    • Get Started Video
    • Introduction to Nutrition Programs
    • Basics How to Videos
    • Energize Moment Videos
    • Meet Shaun T video
    • A year’s access to all of Shaun T’s past programs
    • 30 days of either your favorite flavor of super food shake OR the best pre/post workout supplements around
    • Direct access to me, as your coach & the Love Your Body Bootcamp online accountability group
    Let's Get up

    If you are someone who wants a fun, feel good workout ; you want to get results without beating yourself up &  have done another Shaun T program, like CIZE, Transform :20 & can’t get enough. THIS IS FOR YOU!!  You’ll need light and medium dumbbells for the resistance workouts. No equipment is needed for the dance workouts.

    So what are you waiting for?  April will be the month of prep, we will talk all things nutrition, even do some of Shaun T’s older workouts to get us ready & begin to learn to love ourselves once again.

    We will officially begin as a group on  May 10, 2021 with day 1. But don’t wait till then to join us. You will want in on all the pre info coming your way.

    You are going to send me an email right now at with the subject line LOVE YOUR BODY & we will chat & make sure you have the right enrollment package for your goals. I can’t wait!

  • 9 Week Control Freak Bootcamp

    Coming winter 2020, Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese will launch 9 Week Control Freak, a nine-week fitness program that will help you build muscle, shed fat, boost endurance and increase definition from head to toe faster than you ever thought possible.  You ready for the 9 Week Control Freak Bootcamp. 

    9 week control freak

    Did 2020 take you down? Feel out of control? Lost? Not sure which way is up? I do, I feel all those including the loss of my power, my control. BUT it’s time to take it back & the 10th program by Autumn is just what I need.

    New moves, new equipment and results guaranteed! Let’s start 2021 by taking back control! 9 Week Control Freak is on!!

    According to Autumn she created the program “specifically for anyone that has little time to workout but still wants to burn off a ton of fat.”

    9 Week Control Freak BootCamp

    What to expect:

    Autumn designed 9 Week Control Freak as three phases that will increase in intensity and exercise difficulty, 5 days a week, three weeks at a time.  3 phases that increase with intensity focusing on taking control on nutrition, fitness & sleep.

    Each week will have:

    • three DCT-T workouts (Density, Complexes, and Tabata Training),
    • one day of Total Body Tone,
    • and one day of Tabata Cardio and Core.

    Each workout is maybe 30 minutes long.

    9 weeks control freak

    What Equipment Do I Need?

    You’ll need a few key pieces of equipment to do 9 Week Control Freak:

    • Control Track with B-LINES Resistance Band. This adjustable resistance device easily attaches to a qualified door or can be mounted on a wall (Note: It’s important that you only use the Control Track as instructed in our demonstration video and follow the installation guideline provided with the Control Track for safe use).
    • Fitness Step (similar to the one used in Transform :20 with the ability to add height)
    • Core Ball
    • Dumbbells: light, medium, and heavy

    Most can be purchased with your bootcamp registration, others you can pick up at local stores. I will help you.

    You can’t out work bad eating habits.  The program includes the Beachbody Guide to Nutrition. But …..there are 3 approaches to nutrition for you as food is not a one size fits all. And my role will be to help you pick which path will fit your life.

    • Ultimate Portion Fix  – Autumn will teach you how to take the guesswork out of eating the right portions, every time, while you still get to enjoy your favorite foods — plus cocktails and dessert!
    • 2B Mindset – uses four simple guidelines to help you lose weight while still eating larger volumes of food to help you feel satisfied. People say this approach works because it helps them lose weight without feeling deprived.
    • HUTT DIET – i will teach you to eat the way I do which is healthy fats, unwanted carbs, timed nutrition & taking in moderate proteins

    You want results, I will help you get them!

    And we can up your commitment with Shakeology, Performance line & beachbars.  


    There are 2 release dates for this program. One involves you being part of the VIP early access, the other is the general release date into our library of workouts. 

    Coaches we can begin prep as early as December 7, 2020

    VIP access begins December 21, 2021

    MY BOOTCAMP will begin January 4, 2021

    Member library launch is May 24, 2021

    But don’t wait till those dates to begin. I have the perfect member library workout to get you started. It will get your comfortable with Autumn, her moves & how our Virtual Fit Gym works. 

    And yes, there will be a free no cost needed full length sample workout coming soon. Want that first? then send me an email right now to get on the list!

    I won’t list the cost of any packages here, we buid your total solution package to fit your budget, goals & lifestyle. Email me for complete details.

    Send me an email right now at with the subject line 9 WEEK CONTROL FREAK BOOTCAMP & let’s get started so we can hit 2021 with the ground running!

    keto coach
  • Jump into January

    Crush your goals in January


    New Year, New Month, New Day & New Decade. How are you going to start strong? I have my plan in place and am here waiting to work with you to set your goals and be there with you to crush them!  Crush your goals in January

    Here is the cliff notes version of what you are going to get. It’s Christmas, I get it, we are buuuusy so let’s cut to the chase.

    We start January 2nd with a 3 day refresh + reset.  Then on January 6th we get to work!

    • Full Nutrition Program
    • Learn how to reset our hormones
    • Working out 4-6 days a week (depending on the 1100 workouts you choose from)
    • Natural Supplements to up your game
    • Access to Team HUTT’s online community
    • Inside seat to our Sugar Detox Group that starts January 1
    • Goal Setting
    • Mindset Work
    • Weekly Check in’s on your progress
    • Accountability
    • & more

    2020 is going to be your year! So here is how you get all that starting today:

    Copy & paste the following questions into your email and send along with the answers to and I will be in touch within 24 hours with your enrollment package details. 

    • Do you have an account with Heather already?
    • Have you ever purchased a Beachbody product in the past?
    • Where do you live? Canada, USA or UK?
    • What’s your protein choice: whey or vegan?
    • What’s your FAV flavor: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or cafe latte?
    • Are you willing to commit 100% to yourself and start the year off strong?

    I look forward to having you join our team! And remember the sooner you contact me, the sooner your package will arrive. It’s a crazy time of year for deliveries. let’s not be waiting on yours.  Crush your goals in January

    Crush your goals in January