In our quest to lose weight, get healthy we most of the time focus on the number on the scale. And we get so discouraged that we forget about all the other victories we have had. So this past week I asked members of the HUTT, both from the LIVE group classes and from our virtual gym members: WHAT IS ONE WIN YOU HAD THIS WEEK?! It’s time to celebrate these milestones. This post is to celebrate all the wins from this week, the responses are theirs, no editing and nothing but pride for their wins this week!

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This past week, June 17-22, 2019 I asked all my clients this question and this is their wins!

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Now Let’s Celebrate!

  • Did a lot better at sky divers, ( this is a hard core back move in one of our group fitness classes)
  • Finally got my weight under 170 pounds!
  • Lost 5.5 lbs this week!
  • I am here ( at a group fitness class)
  • I walked 7 days last week
  • Enjoyed a weekend of camping without stressing about everything I ate
  • 2 nights without icecream, where last week it was 7 nights of ice cream at bed time.

Celebrate ALL the Wins!

I am so proud of each person. This journey called health is so much more then a number on a scale. And we often forget about the “non scale” victories that occur. And it’s in these moments that we know our hard work is paying off.

THIS is community, this is accountability and support. This is what you get from a team! And I am so glad each of these people are on my team and we are crushing our goals together!

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