It's time to LIGHT it up!

heather palmer

I know you have tried everything. You are afraid of failing or it not working yet again. I get it. I was there! But what if this is the one time it works. This is the last time you jump on and actually find success at being healthy for life? Seriously you landed on this page because you are ready. You are ready to say “yes I need this in my life right now, today”. Let’s go!  Being on this page is step 1. The only commitment is you reading this page & filling out the form below so I can get you the info you need help you decide if Team RAW is for you.

I get it. Life is busy. But let me start off by saying how proud I am you are here on this page right now. There will never be a right time,  more time or a better time then today to begin focusing on your health. You can do this. We can do this together!! 

 I am not here to push you to be in the Olympics or become a bikini competitor. I want to help you find balance in your life. A space where your health is aligned with your goals that include wine & donuts. Life is too short to not have donuts. The ladies already in my group are doing just this. We don’t restrict foods, we don’t workout 4 hours a day and we certainly don’t deprive ourselves of fun.  We find out what you like to do and run with it. We have workouts from barre, yoga, running, spin classes, live classes, cardio, HIIT, boxing, resistance training, dance, weights, meditation, pre-during & post natal & more. Seriously – you won’t get bored. #trustme If it ain’t fun I don’t want to do this, and I started in 2018 – I haven’t gotten bored yet. You ready? Let’s go!!

My role is to help you get the tools you need to see results for life, results that last.

heather palmer
heather palmer

One of the coolest features of the fit gym is the personalized app you gain access to. 

Keep track of your progress, workouts, supplements, nutrition, water intake, provides motivation, accountability. it is also  a way to stay organized with notifications & support directly from me.

Inside you will have full access to the FIT GYM & all it includes. 

Every workout with calendar is there.  I as your coach go live 1 -2 x a week to support the team on their journey.


What is Included!

The goal is to finally ditch the diet, learn to enjoy intentional movement & find success in your health goals once & for all.

On top of everything else you will receive:

  • Meal Plans
  • Daily Check In’s & Accountability
  • Daily Training, Tips, & Strategies for long term results!
  • Access to Online Workouts by Celebrity Trainers & World Class Instructors
  • Community of others just like you
  • Project Booty – workouts just for your peach
  • Monthly Challenges that range from lifestyle to fitness to nutrition to mindset & beyond
  • All the recipes you could ever want
  • Monthly Themes to push you out of your comfort zone
  • & more


Change the way you are thinking right now. Say it out loud I CAN DO THIS!  I am over the moon excited to have you here with me. Let’s go!

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