LIVE Group Fitness Classes

Showing up for a group class in person is not only fun, but it holds you accountable on your journey to a stronger you! And the HUTT offers classes  that you will not find any where else within Morinville, AB.  I am certified to instruct the formats listed below, which means you are getting quality content & awesome results!

Group Fitness Classes in Morinville Alberta and Sturgeon County

Scroll down to find a class that suits your schedule & register to reserve your spot!

2 Different Class Formats to Choose From or Go for Both!

group fitness morinville
group fitness morinville

If you’re looking for an empowering workout that gets results, this is it. CORE DE FORCE LIVE is a high-energy, non-contact MMA-inspired workout that combines boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques as well as explosive power moves and interval training. Get ready to train like a fighter with CORE DE FORCE LIVE.

Total Body Workout that will have you sweating!

  • Focuses on the core with cardio movements
  • No impact, great for sore knees
  • Varies fitness levels welcome

INSANITY LIVE is the cardio-based, athletic-style workout that combines the best of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and strength moves designed to help you get fit fast!

Each high-energy workout is packed with cardio drills, plyometrics, and bodyweight strength moves that help you get lean and strong. No weights required! And because there are modifications for every fitness level, INSANITY LIVE is one of the most inclusive, inspiring, and innovative classes you’ll ever do.  

Current Classes

group fitness morinville

Tuesday Evenings May 7-June 25, 2019 
Register for all 8 classes to save or pay $15 for each class you can attend

  • 8-9 pm
  • $99 for all 8 classes or $15 per class

Monday Afternoons May 13- June 24

Register for all 7 classes to save or pay $15 for each drop in class

  • 1-2 pm
  • $88 for all 7 classes or $15 per class

 Wednesday’s from 9- 10 am June 5 – August 7,2019

You must register through the Morinville Leisure Complex to attend this time. for complete details

group fitness morinville

  • Wednesday evenings
  • 8-9 pm
  • May 29, June 12, June 19
  • Register for all 3 classes pay only $35 (if you are registered for all 8 Core de Force classes then this class would be $30 for all 3 classes)

The Fine Print you should read:

  • Drop in fee for any class is $15 to be paid in cash prior to the start of each class
  • the HUTT uses the space at 9610B Morinville Dr in Morinville, also known as the United Church in the part of the building that is the Rooke Schook of Karate Dojo.
  • All workouts are in barefeet on a matted floor
  • Bring a water bottle and towel as you are going to need it
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes
  • No equipment is required for either format
  • Participants must be 18 +years
  • Under age children are not to be on the grounds during class time due to liability concerns.
  • A waiver is to be signed before you can workout
  • Please make sure to LIKE and FOLLOW the events tab on my Facebook page for when an unexpected change occurs it will be announced there. 

How to Register:

Please email and include the following details:

  • Your full name
  • What class, dates & times 
  • Method of payment: VISA, MC, EMT or Cash.


None of this fit with your schedule? Let me help you on your own time. I can plug you into a workout routine that works for you and/or a nutrition plan customized to your taste.

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