Group Fitness Classes Summer 2019, Morinville Fitness

Group Fitness Classes Summer 2019

Why workout alone when you can get together with a great group of people, a qualified instructor and work your butt off literally this summer! LIVE classes are here for July & August.

Would you rather go into September fit or flabby? Don’t take the summer off from your goals this year!

I have 2 formats you can choose from, 27 different workout dates you can choose from. Create your own schedule this summer. The HUTT is open and taking registrations today!

If you aren’t sure what format is right for you – click here now to read about Core de Force LIVE and Insanity LIVE.

If you already know what formats you want then click here now to find out the summer schedule!

If none of this works for you, then you need to message me about creating a workout program that you can do on your own time and get the same results!

Email me at with any and all questions. how to register is in that link above!

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