Morinville Fitness & Nutrition Classes

You know you wanna. You just don’t know how. The thought of a gym membership scares you. The cost is outrageous and then you got the commute, time and all the hidden fees that come with.

This is where a local group classes comes in.

  1. You will find motivation at each class. Community, encouragement and new friends are waiting for you at every class.
  2. You don’t have to have a plan, know what machines to use, what equipment. I do all that thinking for you. The structure is set, you just gotta show up ready to sweat.
  3. My role as the instructor is to help you in form & technique of every move. This way you won’t injure yourself and you get the most muscle work out of each move thus burning a whole lotta calories.
  4. You will never get bored with the variety of formats offered at the HUTT. And each format compliments your already active lifestyle
  5. Signing up for a set number of classes will keep you accountable on your wellness journey.  And the HUTT’s class costs are very reasonable with no hidden fees or memberships.
  6. And we have fun. Upbeat music, easy to learn moves and always something to learn new about yourself. 

Why a LIVE class?

LIVE is a twofold word.

First, it means you in person with me as your instructor. Person to Person contact. Same room, same time, same space. HUGE Accountability for you.

Second, the formats I teach are taken from popular Beach Body workout programs. This means that the Super Trainers who create programs such as Insanity, PIYO, Turbo Fire, Core de Force, etc. offer training sessions & certifications to teach their formats to the public! This is where I come in and my passion for helping everyone at any fitness level crush their goals and move their bodies.

And yes, anyone can attend these classes, whether you use Beachbody products or not. This is a community. Open to anyone.

Come Workout With Us This Spring

the HUTT

Everything the HUTT stands for in one easy package. Nutrition AND Fitness. In person, every week for 7 weeks. And we will dance, party and move ourselves to a healthier lifestyle.

Sweat Well Spent

All sweat for an hour each week. It doesn't get any better then this. Various formats so we never get bored. Total body workouts, no equipment, all fitness levels welcome.

Morning Meltdown

The early bird gets the worm, let's get together early and start our day off in sweat then we can crush our daily goals.

Cardio Kickboxing

This class will meet once a week at the Morinville Leisure Center starting in April 2020. Stay Tuned for Details

Yoga Rebels Wanted

You kinda, sorta like yoga but need a change? Coming to the Morinville Leisure Centre in April

Learn to Run

Want to do a fun 5 km run this summer, maybe use running for weight loss or therapy. Then you need this early morning weekly bootcamp in your life this year.

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