Morning Meltdown

Let’s start our morning, and our week off covered in sweat! It’s a proven statistic that people who never miss a Monday actually stick to their weekly goals and crush them!

This is a first for the HUTT. We are going to meet at 5.45 AM and workout for half an hour. We are going to to TURBO KICK our mornings in the right gear!  Loud upbeat music, full body workout, no equipment needed.

We start January 6 and will go for 8 weeks through Feb 24, 2020. The cost will be $49 for all 8 classes. Drop in’s $15/class

We must have a minimum of 4 register participants to run this class.

The Fine Print you should read for workouts at the HUTT:

  • Drop in fee for any class to be paid in cash prior to the start of each class
  • You miss a class when you registered for all 8, no refunds, transfers or carry overs
  • the HUTT uses the space at 9610B Morinville Dr in Morinville, also known as the United Church in the part of the building that is the Rooke Schook of Karate Dojo. 
  • All workouts are in barefeet on a matted floor
  • Bring a water bottle and towel as you are going to need it
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes
  • No equipment is required forTurbo Kick LIVE
  • Participants must be 18 +years at the HUTT, 
  • Under age children are not to be on the grounds during class time due to liability concerns.
  • A waiver is to be signed before you can workout
  • Please join our free community on Facebook to stay up to date with changes, spontaneous classes & more at Morinville Sweats
  • Smart Sweets, DripFit & other products are always available for purchase 15 minutes before & after each class time.

To register please email your full name and payment method. 

the HUTT via email

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