You want to train for a marathon, maybe run a fun run this summer or just be able to run. This is for you.

I have been a runner all my life. I was that kid who reminded the teacher today was the 10 km run. I could run distances ( 10 km in 28 minutes) and do short distances as well. I even race walked ( that funny hip wiggle speed walk in the Olympics) I came in top 3 in the province when I was 17.  I have taken people who HATE running & converted them. Once you learn how, you will enjoy this activity. Trust me. 

We will spend 8 weeks together. An hour a week. And my love of running will be contagious and you will love it too.

We will go over:

  • learning HOW to run
  • clothes & gear
  • what to do with our arms
  • how to handle impact
  • how to run on different terrains
  • build up our endurance
  • learn about sprints and long distance
  • how to enjoy a run no matter how long
  • how to use running as weight loss
  • increase speed & distance if you want to up your running game

We will meet Sunday mornings at 7 am.  Most days we will use the indoor track at the Morinville Leisure Center, your registration fee to the HUTT will cover your track cost for that day. There will be at least one morning where we do go outside to learn how to handle cooler temperatures as well.

  • January 12- March 1, 2020
  • $64 for 8 classes
  • Drop in $10/class but you must contact me prior to attending

To register please email with method of payment.

the HUTT via email

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