Please Scroll to the bottom for LIVE at home workout classes during this COVID-19 Quarantine Time

For those of you who just want to come to sweat & have fun.  We will work on High Intensity Interval training, throw in some MAX Training, work on our EPOC and burn calories like crazy.  Translation is we will have fun and sweat!  Regressions & progressions of every move is always available. Great for any and all fitness levels and ages.  Showing up for a group class in person is not only fun, but it holds you accountable on your journey to a stronger you! And you will find we offer formats that you will not find any where else within Morinville, AB


We will rotate our workouts between formats so we will never get bored.  MMA Inspired cardio | Cardio Kickboxing | HIIT | & more…  The sweat is guaranteed and so is the fun!

The Fine Print you should read for workouts at the HUTT:

  • Email me at with what dates you will join us in March & April & pay only $12 a class
  • Drop in fee for any class – great option for people who can’t commit to far in advance. To be paid in cash prior to the start of each class
  • You miss a class when you registered for there will be no refunds, transfers or credits.
  • the HUTT uses the space at 9610B Morinville Dr in Morinville, also known as the United Church in the part of the building that is the Rooke Schook of Karate Dojo. 
  • All workouts are in barefeet on a matted floor
  • Bring a water bottle and towel as you are going to need it
  • Wear comfortable workout clothes
  • No equipment is required for any format
  • Participants must be 18 +years at the HUTT, 
  • Under age children are not to be on the grounds during class time due to liability concerns.
  • A waiver is to be signed before you can workout
  • Please join our free community on Facebook to stay up to date with changes, spontaneous classes & more at Morinville Sweats
  • Smart Sweets, DripFit & other products are always available for purchase 15 minutes before & after each class time.

To Register please email your full name which time & dates along with method of payment to 

Drop in’s no need to register. Please watch our facebook community at MORINVILLE SWEATS for updates &/or cancellations. 

Welcome to Group Class Via ZOOM for April

During this time of staying at home, I am going to offer up workout classes for you to join in. It would be like you coming to a group class I teach normally the only difference is you are in your house, I am in mine.

ZOOM is a FREE app for you that allows you to see me and me to see you in real time, this way I can still work on your form & technique and you can see me and still laugh at me 🙂 Zoom requires an internet connect, speakers and a camera, you can use your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. And you just need small space in your home that you can move around in.  I will post the link to the classes below for you to access each class. 

I still need to charge a small fee for this class(es) $5/class as I still have overhead expenses that need to be covered, HOWEVER if that $5 is a stress on your family budget during this time, please talk to me, I don’t want you to not join us because of cost. If you paid for classes in March that were cancelled due to these circumstances, you can use that credit for these classes OR I can keep that credit for when we go back to in person classes and you pay separately for these LIVE at home ones. Your choice.

If you have not signed a waiver to workout with me in 2020, I will require an electronic one to be filled out prior to class. 

I will switch up the workouts for each class so you won’t repeat workouts in a single week for those who want to join in more then one class.  I will post what each class is in our facebook group that day MORINVILLE SWEATS .  Remember we do not need equipment, you might want a mat if your floor is hard and if you require modifications please talk to me ahead of time so I can be prepared with those moves for you.

CLASS TIMES: ( schedule starts March 31, 2020)   If specific classes are cancelled or extra ones are added it will be posted in the Facebook Group MORINVILLE SWEATS Please watch that group for all updates.

  • Tuesday Evening 7-8 PM
  • Friday Morning 9-10 AM
  • Saturday Morning 8-9 AM

Please email me at with any questions or if you can not access the Facebook Group.

This page will be updated with the most current info on LIVE at home workouts during this time. The link for zoom will always be posted in MORINVILLE SWEATS

If you have questions or are going to register for any class, I am watching for you email now.

the HUTT via email

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