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Yes, in short at home workouts work! The 2 images above are less then a year apart. And I workout from home maybe 30 minutes a day. Let me break it down.

Do at Home Workouts Really Work?

do at home workouts really work

When my knee blew out and running was on the no no list, I turned to a stash of old workout DVDS that I had. However doing the same workout day in and day out got boring fast. So a friend hooked me up with an online catalog of workouts, think netflix but all workouts! I was hesitant. I thought for sure I would get bored, yeah that was a year ago and I am not bored yet.

My first program I decided to do was only 21 days long. It promised
Simple Fitness. Simple Eating. Fast Results. In just 21 days . It came with a meal plan, recipes and options. It was amazing and as you can see above I lost 4 inches off my waist in 21 days. I was hooked!!

In the last year I have gone on to complete 4 different programs. One I have actually completed 3 times as it is just that amazing!!

The perks to working out from home:

  • one time low fee that gives me 365 days access $99 for the year ( 30 cents a day!)
  • no gym membership/registrations fees
  • no having to wipe down sweaty machines to use
  • top world trainers direct in my living space
  • modifiers provided for each program in case you need it
  • complete meal plans, prep & recipes included
  • I workout on my time, not when the gym is open, i can include my kids or wait for nap time or school time
  • no commuting or extra money spent ( workout clothes, smoothies, fuel & parking fees)
  • I can stream on any device that has wifi/internet
  • over 70 different programs offering 1000’s of hours of workouts

Do at Home Workouts Really Work?

So now you have a choice. If you are skeptical you need to sign up for free week! Once a month, every month I open up a group for free. You get 7 free workouts to try, meal plans and recipes and me every step of the way! So reserve your spot in my next free week now!!

OR you can sign up for your year right now and join my virtual gym and get results this month!!

I can’t wait for you to get the results you have been dreaming about, and all from the comfort or your home, on your time and for less then 30 cents a day!! Just shoot me an email at or fill out the forms in the links above and we will get you started!


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