I’m a Ketogenic Friendly Health & Fitness Coach

Hey there, thought I would explain what this is in case you are stalking me and not sure if we are a good fit for fitness BFF’s. I’m a Ketogenic Friendly Health & Fitness Coach and I want to help you reach your goals whether you are glucose fueled or fat fueled.

I started KETO in May 2017 and it worked for my hormone imbalance. I don’t push or recommended the Keto way of eating to anyone. It’s hard, and not meant for just losing weight.If you just want to lose weight & think keto will be the route – you will gain it all back when you reach your desired weight. This is a way of eating, not a diet.  So please know I will not push this way of eating on you. Carbs are our friends, well fiber filled ones are.  But if you are wanting Keto – I will help you achieve your goals with this path as well. ( I am down almost 45lbs to date with Keto ). It does not matter what you eat or how you eat, we can work together to achieve your goals.

I am not a certified nutritionist, so you need to talk with your doctor before you begin any change in eating or exercise. 

As an online health & fitness coach I have a plethora of tools to provide you in reaching your goals. Whether it’s to lose weight, get fit, gain weight or to maintain. I can help you out.  I will work with you, not pushing what works for me, I love the discovery period where we chat to find out if we are a good fit!  So let’s talk, just comment below and leave your email & we can begin. Whatever your health & fitness goals are let’s reach them together.  Whether you want to use JUST nutrition, or just fitness or both – I can & want to help you achieve your goals.


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