What kind of habits could you start &/or break in 4 weeks? Think of eating, mindset, balance between all the things we ladies do in a day, just imagine what could happen in 4 weeks.

This spring is your chance to go all in for 4 weeks, this is your chance to join the connection with Heather Palmer ( aka me).

Join the Connection with Heather Palmer

With so much going on in your life, it’s hard to find time to be good to yourself. That’s why Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan created a program designed to bring more balance and joy into your life—and help you get in great shape. FIRE AND FLOW takes the stress out of getting healthy and fit. For 4 weeks, you’ll alternate between Jericho’s high-intensity strength and
cardio FIRE workouts and Elise’s low-impact, body-shaping FLOW workouts. Each one is only 25–30  minutes. The goal is to work you out, not burn you out!
By the end, Jericho and Elise will help train your body to be active, as well as help train your mind to embrace new opportunities, release anxiety, and quiet the self-judgment.

We will also be learning & applying how to reduce inflammation in our bodies with foods to rid our bodies of the bloat, gas, irregular bowel movements that will help with better moods & sleep & energy.

What makes FIRE AND FLOW unique?

• Workouts are only 25–30 minutes, 6 days a week, with 1 rest day.
• The unique schedule alternates high-intensity FIRE days with low impact FLOW days to help you go hard but have enough time to help you recover and feel rejuvenated.
• Show yourself major love with the FIRE AND FLOW 4-Week Journal. Containing 5-minute self-care prompts and a handy habit tracker, this journal is part inspiration, part creator of healthy routines. Fill it out daily to hype you up and give your mental health a boost!
• The program also includes 4 FIRE and 4 FLOW bonus workouts that focus on abs, glutes, arms, and flexibility. These can be stacked onto any workout.

What are the FIRE AND FLOW workouts like?

• Jericho’s strength and cardio FIRE workouts help sculpt muscle, boost your metabolism, carve definition, and torch calories through metabolic conditioning.
• Elise’s FLOW workouts are important to your fitness and recovery—they bring balance to your workout routine by helping you build core strength, improve mobility and stability, and reduce stress.
• Workouts include modifiers and intensifiers. Whether you’re just getting back into working out or you crave a hardcore sweat, FIRE AND FLOW lets you do you.
• Equipment needs: light, medium, and heavy dumbbells and Resistance Loops ( you can order the loops through me)
• Optional equipment: mat

Nutrition is KEY and we will be tackling this head on. We will learn what foods can cause inflammation & bloat. We will learn how to eat and when.  Recipes & more out the wazoo for you.

What's Included

  • Access to the Fire & Flow workouts along with membership to the full library for 12 months
  • me 1:1 for coaching & support. 
  • Access to a private group for community & encouragement, a journal for mindset, and more…  
  • A kickstart at healthier eating habits that start with learning what foods cause discomfort, bloat & gas
  • The possibility of weight loss
  • A greater shift in your mindset on your being as a whole.


I will be hosting 2 separate private groups. Join 1 or both.


Prep week starts Monday, May 30 and will run for 5 weeks


Prep week begins June 27 and will run for 5 weeks

You are going to click this button below, which will open up a google form, fill it out for prices, dates, access to the sample workout when it comes equipment, goals, to be put on the must have it now list & I will be in touch with all the details. 


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