Wine & Donuts for April 2019

Calling all ladies 18 years & over who live in either Canada, the Uk or the USA to a ladies only bootcamp!! You give me 21 days and I will help you start some new healthy habits that will make you look forward to those cute spring skirts and shorts that are coming!

Ladies ONLY Boot Camp April 2019

Bootcamp Starts April 1, 2019

Here is what you will get with your health investment:

  • 3 weeks of at home workouts that are 30+40 minutes each that stream from any device with the internet
  • Workout calendar is provided
  • Custom Nutrition plan just for you
  • Recipe & Tracker App is included as well
  • Accountability App included
  • Total body conditioning workouts
  • Free swag at the end of 21 days
  • A year’s membership into the HUTT ( virtual gym)
  • Access to over 70 different workout programs to help you continue on in your new habits
  • And me  – walking beside you every step of the way

And at the end of 21 days we will meet via an online zoom call and reward our success with a donut and a glass of wine!! Oh and in case you are asking, yes the nutrition plan allows for wine and donuts throughout it too!!

I know you will ask – what happens at the end of 21 days? Let me tell you, You and I will talk and configure your next set of goals and find a workout program that will get you the results you need. You will already by a member of the virtual HUTT and the support, community & accountability you will be introduced to in your first 21 days will continue for the next 344 days.  

The program you will be working though, I did this one as my very first virtual gym program and lost 4 inches off my waist! Yes in 21 days great things can happen if you are willing to show up, do the things and have a smile on your face!,

How to Sign Up!

I won’t list price here as I will work with you to customize your tools specifically for you but I can tell you its less then a dollar a day. So you need to email me right now. YES you need to take that first step and email me.  

Make the subject line April Bootcamp and let’s get you hooked up! Now please don’t wait till March 31.  I want your tools in your hands before we start, shipping can take up to a week depending on where you live. And I want to work with you during the prep days prior so we can customize your meal plan, get your grocery list going and you can pack your pantry full of all the deliciousness you will be fueling your body with. 

We start April 1, 2019 – you ready?! I am watching for your email right now: 

And if you are a man reading this, you need to hit up this post right now to read about our all new, men only 8 week bootcamp that will be hosted by my husband Anthony.


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