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It’s complicated because we think it should be. My approach is simple. My choices need to be a lifestyle, not a yo yo adventure. And it’s all connected: Mind, body & soul. When we change one we change it all. You ready? Let’s go!

heather palmer

I Won't Make you Do What I Haven't Already Done.

I am in the thick of peri menopause, living with a gut that wants to work against me & it took me 7 years to figure out how to make it all work. Ladies – let’s age in reverse, and not fit the stereotypical cookie cutter that apparently society thinks us mature women  need to look like. Let’s break that mold & make our dreams a reality.

Coaching Service

I work 1:1 with women to crush their goals

The secret to my success, is accountability. Not only to myself but to someone else. If you are willing to do the work with my beside you, then we need to chat today!

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Personalized App

Yes, one space in an app for everything. 100% personalized to you & your goals. Track your progress, nutrition, workouts, water intake, provides accountability, organize your notifications & have direct access to me. This is included in everyone’s tool box.

heather palmer

Support 100%

Take Back Control

Along with access to our virtual fit gym, your instant access grants you into a host of tools, guides, recipes, meal plans & more.

Oh, did I mention – FREE with your membership. No additional fees for all this!

I want you to succeed so I am not holding anything back.

Morinville fitness

Don't know Where to Start?

I got your back! Easy, simple and free.
You need change, not sure how, where or what to do. I get it. So why not join me for 5 days this month to see if the routines I use will work for you. Oh & it’s free too.
 Trust me, this is a great place to hang out.

Become a Mentor Yourself

life is what you make it.

Whether you are looking for a discount on your favorite supplements, want to earn a few extra dollars for that vacation, cover your own coast of products, OR you want to start your own at home wellness business. Team HUTT has a mentorship program for you!. 

Fitness in Morinville

 Virtual Fit Gym is a safe space for any busy woman who wants to take back control of their body, fitness & mind. A space for you to feel comfortable while getting fit from home with accountability built right in.

Working out from home, was a game changer for me & why I have not “fallen from the wagon” at all.

All you need is your bundle for instant access. Email me today so we can get you access today. heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com with the subject VIRTUAL FIT GYM

I will help you create a tool package that will suit your needs & get you the results you are after. TRUST ME!

Still not sure? Got questions? Email me first at heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com & I will be in touch within 48 hours.

Questions | Contact & More email: heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com

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