You’ve asked for MORE, and Super Trainer Joel Freeman is ready to LIIFT MORE!

LIIFT4 brought together the perfect balance of approachable strength training and HIIT, making it one of the most popular programs ever on Beachbody On Demand. And now Joel is giving you the follow up you’ve been waiting for – LIIFT MORE. A program that keeps the simplicity, but brings more lifting, more reps, more sweat, MORE results.

Commit to 35–45 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for just 8 weeks to help you build even more strength, burn major fat, and see a powerful total-body transformation.



☑️ This is a true full-body program made for those who love to lift.

☑️ LIIFT MORE pumps up the volume of strength training, mixes in calorie-burning HIIT, and ends every workout with core moves designed to build muscle, lose weight, and get that shredded body in just 8 weeks.

☑️ To get the most variety and maximize the effectiveness of each move, you’ll need an adjustable bench — a real game-changer for your home gym that can help you see more results in less time.

☑️ But the simplicity of LIIFT4 is still at this program’s core — no-nonsense moves, perfectly paced, paired with the right combo of classic resistance training and HIIT to help get results for everyone, whether this is your first go at strength training or you’re a seasoned lifter.


About the Workouts

☑️ Access to 40 unique real-time workouts with exactly the right amounts of variation and progression to see the gains you are after

☑️8 weeks, 5 days a week – 30-40 minutes each

 ☑️  2 phases. The first to build strength & mass. The 2nd to pump up volume & instensity with more combo’ & reps to get you ripped!

☑️Joel with his no nonsense coaching style is there with you every step of the way

☑️Yes lifting will burn more calories, but to help speed up that process you will have total body HIIT moves & focused core movement burnouts to rev up that metabolism.

☑️Included in your package are 20-minute LIIFT Express workouts for when you’re tight on time or on the go which is perfect for summer time crunches.

☑️2 rest days each week! YES!!!

What Equipment Do I Need?

☑️ A set of light, medium & heavy dumbbells

☑️ An adjustable bench – this is a non negotiable & essential for certain moves & gains you are after. 

☑️ And if you are doing a burnout round on leg day – power loops will be your friend.

There will be 2 separate online challenge groups I will be hosting – Filling out the form below will get you all the details.

☑️ July 19 – Sept 17, 2022 TEST Group for Coaches & Preferred customers

☑️ August 2- Oct 1, 2022 for VIPS 

The form below will help you decide & if you are unsure of which group – please ask. That is what I am here for.


How Does Nutrition Fit In?

Low carb, sugar-free, high protein, no dairy — it seems like everywhere you look there’s a fad diet that cuts out or limits everything that we love to eat. It’s important to choose a nutrition plan so your approach to eating isn’t a short-term decision based on the latest fad , but one that will serve you for a lifetime.

We’re here to be good to ourselves. That means feeding our bodies with wholesome nutrients — but without feeling deprived. Our proven nutrition plans allow you to do just that.

I’ll help guide you to the nutrition plan that’s fits your lifestyle the best!

Supplementing Your Plan

Upon your new nutritional foundation, you can build a few things that can make a positive difference in how you feel day-to-day. An easy shift in your routine, and a simple habit to begin with is to add Shakeology.

It’s a superfood nutrition shake that:

 Is Packed With Superfoods
  • Helps Support Healthy Energy
  • Aids In Digestion
  • Supports Lean Muscle Development

Before and After Workouts

To get the most out of your LIIFT MORE workouts, I like to pre-game with Beachbody Performance Energize. The caffeine from green tea helps you get going and the beta-alanine can help make workouts feel easier by improving endurance.

If you ever struggle with post-workout muscle soreness or just want to help your body recover faster, reach for Beachbody Performance Recover. It gives your muscles essential nutrients to help promote muscle synthesis and manage exercise-induced muscle soreness after a glorious sweat sesh.

About Joel

Super Trainer Joel Freeman leads live classes regularly on BODi, like the popular BODi BURN CRUSH and LIIFT4 workouts.

He’s also the creator of LIIFT4 and 10 Rounds, and co-creator of CORE DE FORCE.

Working for over 15 years in the health and fitness industry, he’s currently a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and behavior change specialist.

Joel is no stranger to fitness, having worked in almost every capacity within the fitness industry.

He’s done it all — from running day-to-day gym operations in Olympia, Washington, to becoming a national presenter to directing Group X programming for the world-famous Gold’s Gym Los Angeles franchise.



With LIIFT MORE, you’ll have the tools you need to bring more balance and gains into your life while you create a healthy routine.

Fill out the form below and I’ll send the details (including how to get started) right to your inbox!


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