Meal Planning Made Simple Heather Palmer HUTT

If nutrition is 80% of our weight loss success why is it so hard?! It’s hard because we have made it hard. But it’s time to start over, and make healthy eating a lifestyle and non restriction in the treats we deserve.

What if I told you that yes you can lose weight, maintain it too all without counting calories or macros?! SHUT THE DOOR!! YES you can!!!

This system has helped millions of people. It’s all based of portion control, thus the colored containers. It’s about eating real food, introducing healthy eating to your entire family, kids included & it’s a balanced macro nutrient based way of eating.

This program is about giving your body exactly what it needs to function properly. Will help you break the sugar addiction & say good bye to processed foods that are weighing you down.

What’s included in the program?

  • Over 30 new videos about the containers and principles of the nutrition plan
  • Portion control containers
  • A workbook and daily logbook
  • A Cookbook with 102 new recipes
  • Access to over 200 episodes of the Fixate Cooking Show
  • 75 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kids PDF
  • An App that helps you track, provide recipes & support
  • Access to support & accountability through a growing community
  • BONUS: When you purchase this program you’ll get real time streaming of 2 amazing workout programs that are being updated to modern technology, so you can work out together with the trainer starting April 1, 2019 – you must purchase prior to this date though to access this bonus.

The icing on the cake is you get me as your coach, mentor, encourager and new foodie BFF with an invitation to join our growing community.

Meal Planning Made Simple

With recipes out the wazoo, everything you need to start each month, week and day on the right foot you have only weight to lose and everything to gain. And this is a one time investment. Seriously, no monthly fees, no hidden charges at all. Your health is an investment not an expense.

Did you know you can purchase this program at a discount, and even go through a certification process that dives deeper into the why’s behind what we eat and when we do it. Just hit up the sign up form below and mention the discount in the message part.

The only catch – you gotta be 18 years or older and live somewhere in Canada, USA or UK to participate.

I am Interested in this option for my family!

You ready?! You should be! Who doesn’t want easy, simple & sustainable. I DO!!!! Just fill out this form below and I will be in touch with you with more information about prices, packages & how to join the community.

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