Month of Macros with Heather Palmer

Month of Macros

Seven years it took me to lose 45 pounds. I tried EVERYTHING. I restricted everything, ran all the miles and still nothing happened. It wasn’t until I discovered the secret. MACRONUTRIENTS. So this July, 2021 I am going to share everything on how I released the weight & have kept it off 4 years & counting. July is going to be the Month of Marcos.

You in? Space is limited.

What will You Get?

Well, beside how to eat all the foods you love with no restriction or cutting out you will learn how to fuel your body correctly, and begin to lose the weight & learn how to keep it off.

We start July 4, 2021 & each week that month we will have a different focus:

  • Learn all about Calories
  • Apply customized macro tracking to your plan
  • Learn about how to balance what we eat
  • An introduction into Intermittent Fasting

We will talk supplements as that is a hot topic,  you will get access to 80+ full length workout programs to choose from, there will be daily accountability, tracking what you eat for the month is a must and yes I will teach you how, and progress photos will be taken as the scale tends to lie.

There will be no cutting out foods, or restriction on food groups, you want to eat carbs – let me teach you how to enjoy them and still lose weight! #trustme 

It is time to ditch the diet, live your life and be the healthiest version of you possible.

Space is limited, you must email me right now at with the subject line MONTH OF MACROS. Deadline is June 25. 


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