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To The Next Level

It took me 7 years to finally lose 50 pounds. The secret is that community & accountability create the consistency that drives results with your health goals. I have created this space for you to learn to take your health to the next level with those 3 elements & more.  

Still trying to lose weight on your own?

I honestly thought I could do it on my own. I had failed so many times before nothing seemed to work. The weight was not coming off, the meal plans were hard to implement & follow and I didn’t want to fail in front of my loved ones yet again. I had to learn the being in secret was not the way to go. I had to take my health to the next level.

Maybe it's Time for A Change

There is nothing to be ashamed of. The extra weight, the lack of sleep, the lack of energy & living in a body we don’t like is no way to enjoy life. This is why this group is here for you. To provide what you need to stay on track & show you how easy it is to maintain. Healthy is the new sexy & you deserve to walk into that light.

To The Next Level is an Online Accountability Group with More

I have had many women over the years ask me to coach them on their health journey without the investment of fitness programs, supplements or nutritional programs. This group is for you to use me for the support, accountability, experience & knowledge that I bring to the table to help you succeed at your health journey.


Nutrition is not a one size eats all, I will share my knowledge of portion control, macro nutrients & a plethora of recipes to make eating easy for you. Along with healthy food swaps & how to enjoy all the things you love to eat.


Not everyone wants to take on a fitness regime and that is ok.  I will provide some free workouts you can do when you are ready. If you are working out at a gym, box or online you are welcome to join regardless of your activity life.


I knew nothing about supplements when  I started my journey & the world of them is overwhelming & daunting. I will help break this down for you IF you need them & what kinds would you benefit most from. But enjoying them is not a requirement at all for this group.

You ready to take your health to the next level?

You will get daily check ins, daily & weekly tracking of your progress, support, community, fun challenges & more. I will show up for you every day of the month. #trustme

healthy with heather palmer

Weight Loss Plateaued?

You can be doing all the things right and that weight still won’t budge? If your weight has stayed the same for at least 30 days & you are trying to lose, my friend you have plateaued & this group may help you bust out that with up to a 10 pound loss in one month. 

Consistency is Your Weakness

You know what you need to do. You have done the things in the past but after a few weeks you seem to “fall off the wagon”. This group will give you that daily accountability you need to create the discipline to stick with it.

healthy with heather palmer
healthy with heather palmer

How to Balance it All for Life

You can eat right most of the time, but you can’t seem to fit exercise in or you can workout with no problem but the sleep is an issue. Finding that balance to make healthy choices for a lifestyle are easy once you learn the steps. I will be with you every day to help you create those habits.

Getting the Results is as Easy as 1, 2 & 3

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What Others have said about working with Heather

For you I am thankful..I have learned so much about food and how I want my relationship with it to be. And for me..I am capable. So many times I have just given up cause it’s easy..but I can do this..this makes sense and I can feel a difference.

Thank you for being amazing. I love everything you have to offer. You’re an amazing person and coach. Thank you for helping when asked and knowing how to help.

Heather has such a simple approach to food & health that finally it clicked for me and in one month I am down 6 pounds! She always takes the time to listen & offer up different ways to get my goals accomplished. Thank you for being simple about our health.

Start Next Month for only $49

People tend to stick to something when money is involved.  The group will start on the first of each month, entry into the group will begin on the 30th of the previous month. Payment needs to be received & paid in full before approval is given.

There will be a new theme each month, new recipes, new challenges & more.

For the entire month I will be there for you every day, if you are willing to step up to the next level you gotta jump in now!

I am an Independent Beach Body Coach, however this group is not affiliated with the company in any way. If you currently are a memeber of the Virtual Fit Gym you do not need inside this one as you get all this & more over there.

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