keto beach body coach

Yes both of those images are me, 8 years separates the two and about 45 pounds. Let me tell you a story so you can begin to understand how I can help you.

Fitness History

  • Studied at The Royal Academy of Dance ( ballet ) for 4 years as a child
  • Avid swimmer & life saving course completion growing up
  • Found a passion with high jump at 10 years old, probably because I was taller then everyone else
  • Fell in love with running all through Jr & Sr High. Was on the track teams as a distance runner & speed walker, joined the cross country team & was the girl to remind the teacher of the 10km run that day.

Through out my 20’s & 30’s I ran to clear my head & to keep fit. I played sports when asked to join & could play well.  I even broke my thumb when I was 17 playing floor hockey. In my 30’s I got married & had my 2 kids & all of a sudden weight became an issue. ( I maybe weighed 120 lbs before I had kids, very underweight, and never gave 2 thoughts to weight )


After baby #2 the doctors told me I was over weight & needed to lose between 40-50 lbs. I had been extremely under weight till baby #1 so this was a shock to my system.  Having had 2 medical necessary c-sections my recovery was slow and going no where.  I ate healthy, making sure calories out where less then calories in, I did portion control, following the Canadian Healthy Eating Guide. NOTHING was happening. I even joined a local gym and worked out 5 days a week for 52 weeks and the only weight I lost was the 15 pounds I gained on 6 months of Weight Watchers. 

After the 3 years of mandatory recovery from c-section #2 the doctors began testing me for issues that could be stopping me from losing weight. Turns out I have a hormone imbalance. urgh. So off to specialists for artificial hormones & NOTHING worked.  I am still running, eating healthy, I walk everywhere and getting more frustrated by the day.  After following some inspirational people on my instagram account I learned people were correcting auto immune diseases following the Keto way of eating. So I researched for months about keto, talking with doctors & the likes. So May 22, 2017 I said ” what have I got to lose?” and began Keto. 

NOW don’t dismiss me just yet. I do not recommend this way of eating to anyone. But what I have learned is proper nutrition, the importance of macros, nutrients & what foods are good for us and what foods aren’t so much. And I have discovered a passion to share all my research, knowledge, lessons and more with those who find themselves in the same boat.

How I can Help You Out in the Food Department!

I honestly, truly believe with my whole heart food is medicine. When a parent complains of their child’s behavior my first question is always “what are you they eating?”. A women struggles with PMS, mood swings, acne & certain auto immune disorders I want to look inside their fridge. The person who struggles with emotional eating, or the reflection in the mirror that stares back at them is all rooted in food! 

How I can help is to work with you when you decide to commit to tools that will make your eating enjoyable, help you achieve & maintain a healthy weight and see food as a treat and no longer as cheats.

The Next Step is Yours!

The tools I have to help you are only available to people over 18 years of age and currently live in either Canada, the USA or the UK.

Please fill out the form below so I can better help you with tools that will get you where you want to be!

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