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10 rounds keto paleo

You ready to live your best life? Stop the yo-yo fad diets?

Learn to love yourself where you are at while learning to be a better person inside & out. Are you tired yet of the start, stop getting no where roller coaster? Then you need my team’s support through an online boot-camp!

There are 2 facts that I know without a shadow of doubt. 

Being active, and eating right creates a space of wellness, which makes you feel great!

You can’t do it alone.  Trust me. I have tried.

10 Rounds Bootcamp

10 ROUNDS™ is a sweat-drenching boxing program from Super Trainer Joel Freeman built around proven principles that deliver maximum cardio burn by combining technique, repetition, and intensity for an incredible TOTAL-body workout.

challenge packages start at $186 CAD

10 Rounds

Who it’s for:
You are a person who wants to get in on/try the hottest trend in the fitness industry—boxing. It’s the best of boxing, with zero impact. Joel leads you through combinations of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and crosses with an  emphasis on speed, precision, and technique. It’s more than seriously good fun—it’s a total-body workout that will help you get visible results.

What’s included:
VIP ACCESS | 2 prep Workouts | 30 Unique Workouts | Getting started Video Series | Nutrition Guide | Workout Calendar | Free Swag | 1:1 Coaching | 30 Meals of Superfoods | A Year’s access to the library of workouts…

4 Week Shred Plan

Don't reinvent the wheel. I got results that kept me coming back for more! And you are going to get my tried & trusted plan of attack to set you up for success.

Challenge Packages Start at $186 CAD

heather palmer

Who it’s for:
Anyone who is serious about results. You are willing to commit, do the work & eat all the food! Results will vary depending on starting point and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

What’s included:
30 Super Food Meals | Workout Supplements | Gluten Free Protein Bars | Access to a Complete Workout Program | Progress Tracker | Accountability | Meal Plans | Recipes | the HUTT Diet | HUTT TOOL BOX  & more

Best Life Bootcamp

Every month new clients enroll to get started on their health & fitness journey with me. This bootcamp is about overall wellness, self love, confidence, and community!

Investment starts at $49 CAD

teamhutt with heather palmer in morinville

Who it’s for:
You need to learn to eat better, move more often but not sure where to start. This is the perfect online option for you.

What’s included:
Anything you want. We will chat and build a total solution package based off your goals & results desired. Your package could include super food meals, supplements, workouts, & more.  You will always get full access to me | the HUTT Tool Box | Accountability | Support | Meal plans | Recipes | & more

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