Men Only 8 Week Boot Camp


This is the first time EVER that we have offered up a Men Only Workout!  This is your chance to get in on it at the ground level and have that amazing summer, shirtless body in time for the heat in June!

Operation Dad Bod

It’s so important for us dad’s to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, our sons & daughters are looking up to us for a role model and when we put our health first, they will too!

Even if you aren’t a dad at this point in your life, this group is for you as well!

What are you going to get in this bootcamp:

  • 8 weeks of at home workouts that start April 1, 2019
  • 30-40 minute workouts 4 times a week that you stream on anything device that has internet
  • Workout Calendar is provided
  • Weight progress tracker is included
  • Customized nutrition plan for your body & lifestyle
  • Recipe & tracker app is included
  • Accountability App where men can be men
  • Total body workouts that include lifting, HIIT and some targeted core moves
  • Access to over 70 other workout programs
  • Free Swag at the end of 8 weeks
  • Access to the whole team’s virtual gym for on going support, encouragement & accountability

Did I mention this group is for men only!! Yes Heather will help at the beginning with prep week and working with us men to customize the nutrition plan but inside the boot camp is men only!

Reserve your Spot NOW!

This 8 week bootcamp starts April 1, 2019

Don’t wait till then to sign up. Sign up now, the tools you need could take up to a week to arrive depending on where you live. This bootcamp is open to any male 18 years and over and you must live in either Canada, the UK or the USA. And of course signing up early means more time for meal prep, grocery list making and a chance to sign up the Mrs. for the Ladies only bootcamp as well and you both can crush your goals this spring in time for summer shorts!  Or you just sign up and work on you for you!

Price depends on your customized package and that is where Heather comes in, she will make sure you have the right tools to get started. (we are a team at the HUTT)

You need to email Heather at as Anthony is at work most days & she can get you hooked up faster. Make the subject line OPERATION DAD BOD and make this summer the year your dad bod is tanned! 

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