heather palmer

heather palmer

Every month new people say yes to their health & fitness journey with me. This Bootcamp is about overall wellness, self love, confidence, and community! Welcome to our Virtual Fit Club.


What I know is This

Inside my Virtual Fit Club you will be connected with:

Tools (workout program, nutrition plan, supplements)  hand picked for you that will get you the results you crave.

Goodies – free swag, prizes, shaker cup, access to a new app & the HUTT Tool Box

Full access to our community that you will find support, encouragement & new friends.

Me as your coach, your personal cheer leader & encourager. 

You Sold?!

You ready to say YES and make this month count?! All you gotta do is copy & paste the following questions into an email, answer them and send to heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com and we will get started right away.

  • Where are you? CANADA, USA,UK or France. 
  • Are you a coach or currently working with a coach?
  • Have you ever used Beachbody products in the past? 
  • Do you already have BeachBody on Demand?
  • Fav type of proteins? Whey or vegan or no clue?
  • Fav Flavor – chocolate, vanilla, cafe latte or tropical Strawberry?
  • What are your health and fitness goals? This can be ANYTHING! Lose weight, gain confidence, FEEL better, gain muscle and tone, etc.
  • Do you currently have a health and fitness routine? If yes, what are you currently doing?
  • What things have held you back in the past when it came to your health and fitness?
  • What questions can I answer for you?!

I am watching for your email right now!  Reserve your Seat today as you do not want to miss out!  

What Are you Waiting For?!!

Questions | Contact & More email: heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com

Copyright 2020, Please always seek medical advise before changes to your nutrition or fitness activities.