I get it. It’s hard to commit to yourself.

You are taking care of the kids that are running around.

You have the job that you’re at all day.

You have tried things before and you didn’t stay on track.

So what would make this different?

Why would this time change everything?

Because this time, you are going to CHOOSE to make it different.

Because you are going to DECIDE that you DESERVE to commit.

This time, you are going to SAY YES.

This time, you’re going to work every day to be the best YOU that you can be.

THIS TIME, you are going to BE 100.

And we are going to do it TOGETHER.​

What is the Be 100 Bootcamp?

In our Be 100 Bootcamp, we will be starting a BRAND NEW program that was released in July 2019 that is made up of 100 workouts and a sustainable nutrition plan to help you get incredible results PLUS you will be included in a community where we will all be doing this alongside each other!


  • You will get access to 100 DIFFERENT workouts. Yep, every day is a DIFFERENT workout. You will see anything from cardio, to strength, to MMA/Fight Club, to Barre and yoga, etc. Something different every day so you NEVER get bored!

  • The workouts are only 20-30 minutes a day and can be done from your living room, the gym, or anywhere in between! This is perfect for someone who is living a busy lifestyle!

  • There are active recovery days built in so while you are getting incredible results and feeling like a super hero, you are also taking care of your body in the way that is safe and sustainable.

  • There is a live DJ in the studio to align the music to the moves to keep it fun and fresh while also keeping up with the intensity! I don’t know about you, but I always get a better workout when I am jamming to an awesome upbeat playlist.

  • There are TWO modifiers. For me, this is HUGE because with being post op with knee surgery I know if I can do this YOU CAN TOO!

  • You will also get a nutrition plan that aligns perfectly to not only the program, but also your goals! But I promise, you can still enjoy wine & donuts. And if you hang around with me long enough you will learn about Intermittent Fasting and what a healthy carb is & how to eat them!


So there are multiple package options that come with different tools to help you along your journey! But here are the basics you will get no matter what package you get!

  • VIP Access to Morning Meltdown 100 – this program will not be released to the public until October!

  • Be 100 Book – This book is BEAUTIFUL that offers inspiration and acts as your daily tracker/journal to document your journey!

  • Nutrition Guide – This is going to help you get results without you having to give up everything you love!

  • Wall Calendar – I am so excited to check off every single day together. Can you imagine how good it is going to feel to check off the number 100?!

  • Access to our “Netflix of Workouts”, Beachbody On Demand, for a year so after you are done with this program, you have more programs to pick from! This isn’t a “one and done” bootcamp. This is just the beginning!

And there is more!

  • Full access to our Be 100 community in a private app – This is where I will be posting daily to check in with you, offer inspiration and motivation, as well as holding you accountable! This is also where you will be able to see other people logging their workouts and tracking their shakes! Trust me, seeing other people log that they got their workout done, motivates the HECK out of you to crush yours!

  • A Prep Calendar – This is going to help you get ready for the program to kick off! There will be a series of workouts to get your body moving, as well as info and support leading up to Day 1 to make sure you are ready to start STRONG!

  • 1:1 Coaching – This is my favorite part, but I could be a little bias 😉 I think the best part about these bootcamps is that my JOB is to help you get results, stay accountable, and give you a loving kick in the pants when you need it! I check into our group daily, and you are able to contact me whenever you need me! Health and fitness is NOT easy. But it’s worth it, and you don’t have to do it alone.

  • Nutritional Supplements – Depending on the package you get set up with, you will a variety of supplements! Superfoods shakes, pre and post workout, a greens boost to help get those veggies in, gluten free protein bars to help with that snacking, and more!


This program is perfect for ANYONE, whether you want to lose weight, you want to tone up, or you just want to get in the habit of moving your body and putting yourself first very day!

So..... you ready?

If you are interested in more info, you need to copy the following questions into an email and send your answers to me at  with the subject MM100 so I can get to know you a little more, send you different package options and recommendations depending on your goals,

PLUS I will send you a FREE SAMPLE WORKOUT to try it out!

Please allow 24-48 hours for a response!

Just remember, it’s not 100 days, it’s 100 workouts that are going to set you up for success!

I can’t wait to sweat with you!


  • Where are you? CANADA, USA OR UK, Right now these are the only places we stream to
  • Do you already have BeachBody on Demand?

  • This can be ANYTHING! Lose weight, gain confidence, FEEL better, gain muscle and tone, etc.
  • Do you currently have a health and fitness routine? If yes, what are you currently doing? 
  • What things have held you back in the past when it came to your health and fitness? 
  • What about this bootcamp sounds like a good fit for you? 

  • No strings attached. I just shoot you a link so you can sweat!
  • What questions can I answer for you?! 

I am watching for your email!

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