4 Week Shred Plan

heather palmer

You ready to live your best life? Stop the yo-yo fad diets?

Learn to love yourself where you are at while learning to be a better person inside & out? Are you tired yet of the start, stop getting no where roller coaster?  Then you need this online boot-camp!

When my knee gave out, at home workouts that provided 30-40 minutes a day gave me the strongest body I have had to date.

No gym commutes, hours lost, no food restrictions either. Just freaking awesome results.

Results will vary depending on starting point and effort. Exercise and proper diet are necessary to achieve and maintain weight loss and muscle definition.

The 4 Week Shred Plan.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. I got results that kept me coming back for more! And you are going to get my tried & trusted plan of attack to set you up for success. This program isn’t just for anyone. You must be willing to commit fully and do the work. You want results, you gotta show up.

You choose the intensity of your program: Intro or Intermediate & no 2 days will be the same so you will not get bored. Trust me!  Customized meal plans and recipes are provided. You will get full access to my 4 Week HUTT Shred Diet which is exactly how I fuel by body.

Ready to Jump In? Gain Instant Access Right Now!

3 Packages you can choose from:

  1. Workouts & 30 Super food meals ($186 CAD)
  2. Workouts & Supplements ($186 CAD)
  3. Workouts, Super Foods & Supplements ($259 CAD)

What You Will Get

A year subscription to 1300+ workouts | 30 Day Supply of Super FOOD Shake &/or Workout Supplements | 1:1 Coaching | Accountability | Support | Online Community | Free Swag | Recipes | Meal Plans | My Best Guides & Hacks | the HUTT DIET & shred plan | Access to a personalized app to track your progress | & more

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