Virtual Running Club

It’s no secret I like, no LOVE to run.  And when you know how to run. You will enjoy it as well!

 As far back as I can remember, I have run. Heck, I was THAT kid in school who reminded the gym teacher today was the 10 km run. But, I hated, I mean HATED competing so I never let my legs go as fast as they could (but i did do 10 km in 28 minutes once). For 2 years I even turned my runners legs into speed/race walking legs and hit the top 3 in the province for my age bracket (  that funny hip wiggle speed walk in the Olympics).

Now as an adult, I just like running. It’s a quick way to lose some weight, lean out. But it’s always great therapy for issues facing my life. Yes, I find running fun, enjoyable and I actually crave it.

So I want to introduce you to my friend, running. Whether you are looking at losing some weight, want to lean out, run in one of those charity events or fun mud, paint ball runs, you just like to run or just want to learn to love running like I do. This group is for you.

Welcome to our VIRTUAL RUNNING CLUB.  

What to Expect

This will be an online group – so practice will take place on your own time – either outdoors, a treadmill or on a track. 

What topics we will go over:

  • learning HOW to run
  • clothes & gear
  • what to do with our arms
  • how to handle impact
  • how to run on different terrains
  • build up our endurance
  • learn about sprints and long distance
  • how to enjoy a run no matter how long
  • how to use running as weight loss
  • increase speed & distance if you want to up your running game
  • How to run in all kinds of weather and on different terrains.


I will not tell you how far or how fast to run. Technique is everything first.  You go at your pace, this group will have no end date. Meaning you have the info when you need it. 

How to Join

I have taken people who HATE running & converted them. Once you learn how, you will enjoy this activity. Trust me. So if you are ready here is what you have to do to join.  I will tell you right now you will need a membership to our streaming service of workouts as we will use the best leg day workouts to create strength in our legs for a better run. 

Copy & paste the following questions into a new email, answer them and send to

  • Your first & last name
  • Do you live in Canada, USA, UK, France
  • Are you over 18 years
  • Do you have Beachbody on Demand already?
  • Do you have a coach already?
  • Have you ever used Beach Body products in the past?


I will be watching for your  email.

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