Stuck In a Weight Loss Plateau, Try These 3 Easy Steps

Weight loss is hard, keeping it off is hard and you are motivated, staying true to your nutrition plan & fitness schedule and then…. Stuck In a Weight Loss Plateau Try These 3 Easy Steps to break through.  Before I list them, you have to know its not an overnight remedy. This is every day, all day – for life.  But don’t worry you will break through.  So don’t rearrange those calories or macros just yet.

Stuck In a Weight Loss Plateau, Try These 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Are you getting 8 hours of sleep a night? Every night!!! YES 8 hours, your body needs to heal, recover and rest and without that sleep your body can’t and won’t work properly and your weight will suffer. Yes you may feel great on 5 but your body is designed for 8 so try to get to bed a little earlier tonight and get the rest your body needs.

Step 2

Are you drinking enough water? Not water disguised as coffee or in tea, but actual clear, plain water.  If your body doesn’t get enough water it stores what it does get and you retain it and thus the scale does not move.  My gauge for am I drinking enough, is my pee is very light yellow, almost clear. If it’s clear that is too much.  So yes, chug that water to move that scale!

Step 3

Are you eating the right amount of calories EVERY day? For example, if your calorie intake is 1600 you need to eat that EVERY SINGLE DAY! Don’t be at 900 today, then 1100 tomorrow and then 1800 the next. Every day – 1600!!  Your body knows how much it needs, and if you don’t give it your body will store what it does get as it thinks its being starved. So yes EAT your calories. But make sure they are healthy, non processed calories. If I can’t grow it I don’t want to eat it. I find the days, weeks my calorie intake is low, I don’t lose weight but I actually gain. But the weeks I eat my calorie intake every day I lose weight.

Stuck In a Weight Loss Plateau, Try These 3 Easy Steps

So there you go. 3 easy steps to bust through your plateau. If you are doing these religiously, 6-8 weeks and nothing is changing, then it’s time to look at your macros, calorie amount with what you are fueling your body with ( any foods with hidden sugars & carbs) and fitness levels.

If you are stuck with where to begin, I will work with you. I have plateaued a few times over this last year and it’s when I buckle down that I break through it, so don’t hesitate to send me an email at and we can work together to bust you out!


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