Below are some of my favorite products, you can order some direct or some have to be placed directly with me. If you are unsure please email me first at and if you live away from me, please contact me in regards to shipping policies. Happy Shopping!

Pre & Post Workout Supplements

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You have watched me before any workout consume a bright yellow product and then right after wards down a chocolate shake. THIS IS IT!! I have stacked them together for savings, but they can be purchased individually, just email me for that shopping cart.  When you click buy now you can choose between LEMON or FRUIT PUNCH for flavor of energize and Plant or Whey protein for the Recover.  Both these products will take your fitness and recovery to new levels! 

All The Nutrients in One Shake

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This link will allow you to purchase the fan favorite Chocolate in Whey Proteins

We don’t offer meal replacements or weight-loss shakes but our shake is all nutrition. With a potent blend of premium superfoods, proteins, probiotics, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, This shake is daily fuel for your goals and you get access to lots of recipes to make shakes, pudding, cookies and more!! And yes I can teach you how to make this shake a meal for those days you need to grab & go.  If you want Vegan or another flavor please contact me first!

Gluten Free Snack Bars!

The best of both worlds. One box of the chocolatey, cherry sweet treat. And one box of peanut butter chocolate goodness. Both flavours have 10g protein, 5–6g sugar and 150 calories. 15 bars per box. Gluten free low carb!!

3-Day Refresh® Program Complete Kit

In just 3 days, you can help get your health, energy, and vitality back on track. Includes Shakeology®, Vanilla Fresh, Fiber Sweep, a Program Guide, and a bonus Maintenance Guide.

These are meant for quick links to grab & go. But I would highly encourage you to reach out to me first so we can make sure you have the right bundled savings, the right flavors and I can answer any questions you may have. is where I am at. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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