Sync Up!!!

Did you know that you could be doing everything right in regards to workouts & nutrition and still see no results?

I tried for 7 years to lose 50 pounds & the answer was in my hormones. When I learned to correct those everything else fell into place. 

In that time I have come to realize that our bodies are a direct result of our hormones. How we workout, when we workout, what eat – it is all connected & once you learn the balance harmony is achieved. AKA weight loss, healthy skin, no more bad monthly cycles, better sleep & more.

So with this in mind, I am creating a new group just for women where I will teach you how & when to workout & what to eat to sync up your cycles for ultimate health.

Details are being worked out right now. This group will start the first Monday in January 2023. But the Google Form below puts you on the VIP list for all the details first when they arrive in December.

Over the course of the month I will set you up with workouts that correspond to where you are in your monthly cycle.  The right workout at the time of the month could result in big changes in your body! We will focus on clean energy, clean whole food eating during our time. You will get 1:1 access to me, an invite to a private online group, access to a private app to log your nutrition, any supplements you are taking and of course your workouts. 

You will also learn about seed cycling, full moon cycles & more. This group is not just for women in perimenopause or menopause but for any biological woman whether you think you  have a cycle or not.

I am not a licensed medical professional, I encourage you to ask your doctor how long she/he trained in women’s health & hormones during his/her residency. Most doctors don’t spend any time learning the connections.  I am currently in perimenopause yet my doctor will say I am too young. Not enough energy & time has been spent on helping us women connect with our cycles & learn how to harness that energy for our lifestyles.  This group is all information I have gathered over my 48 years and will share with you. My goal for this group is to equip you with the knowledge & tools that you can run with and make 2023 your healthiest year yet!

This group is for you if:

✔️Tired of being consistent with workouts & nutrition but still not seeing results

✔️Have monthly cycles that are all over the place in flow, arrival & pain

✔️Wacky hormone levels interfering with other areas of your life

This group is NOT for you if:

🚫 You are on hormonal birth controls  as those are already messing with your system badly

🚫Are on a plan with your medical professional already to help with your health goals

🚫Working with another BODI coach already

🚫Not able to workout in different formats from HIIT to yoga to cardio & lifting  (there are always modifications to certain moves but the overall format remains the same)

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