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the HUTT Way of Eating Bootcamp

It’s here! Finally. I have put into place a 6 week plan that will teach you how to eat like me, I have been eating this way since May 2017 with sustainability, longevity & results. ( I lost 45 pounds & have kept it off ) and now it’s your turn. I am spilling all the secrets. You ready?

the HUTT Way of Eating Bootcamp

HUTT stands for:

  • Healthy Fats
  • Unwanted Carbs
  • Taking in Moderate Proteins
  • Timed Nutrition

At the end of 6 weeks:

  • you will know how many calories you should be eating,
  • how many you do eat,
  • what exercise credits are and how to use them,
  • you will be introduced to intermittent fasting,
  • we will debunk the myth that fat makes you fat,
  • you will learn that some carbs are ok to eat especially if eaten at a specific time of the day.
  • You follow my plan you will lose weight.
  • And I am going to be there with you every step of the way.

AND you won’t need to count calories or macros when we are done. I will give you the tools, the steps and the accountability to keep you going for life. Let’s call this the last “diet”. We are going to #ditchthediet and enjoy life all while being at our healthiest weight. 

the HUTT Way of Eating Bootcamp​

Next Group Starts January 26, 2020 for PREP week. Reserve your seat today!  – so make sure you are in before that date!!

What you get:

  • My 6 week HUTT way of eating plan with one week of prep prior to launch
  • Access to our private invitation only group
  • Daily check in’s from me
  • Oh me – your new coach for life!
  • 30 day supply of the most nutrient dense shake out there to jump start your system into healthy overload
  • A year’s workouts IF you want, see there is no required workouts in this plan – BUT if you want 6 treat days then you will need to workout minimal 4 days a week. No workouts – no treats.
  • You will learn all about timed nutrition, clean eating for the whole family & intermittent fasting up to 16:8

I am not going to lie, these 6 weeks will be hard. There will be daily tasks you need to complete, and complete accountability will be in place to keep you on track. 

If you are pregnant, nursing or have a physical issue that requires you to eat certain foods &/or at certain times or you are on medicines you need to talk with your doctor first before starting anything new. 

This boot camp will close it’s doors to new registrants on January February 1, 2020 at 8 pm MST so make sure you to join today or you will have to wait 6 weeks to get in the next group. 

How to register:

COPY & PASTE the following questions below and email Heather right now at and don’t forget your answers.

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Where are you? Canada, USA or UK
  3. Are you a coach or already working with a coach?
  4. Do you want a subscription to Beach Body on Demand for workouts?
  5. Are you cleared to begin a new way of eating from your doctor?
  6. What is your favorite flavor – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or cafe latte & do you prefer your proteins vegan or whey?
  7. What is your main goal for this bootcamp

I am watching for your email right now!  Reserve your Seat today as you do not want to miss out!

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