Welcome to Heather’s Online Space for a Keto & Fitness Journey

I am so excited about this space, for the last few weeks, maybe even a month I have been getting so many questions, private messages & more about my journey with keto & weight loss. It’s to a point that my instagram account can no longer contain it. Consider this space the spill off from that feed.  So I plan on sharing with you through posts here my journey.   So please message me and let’s chat. So welcome to Heather’s online space for a keto & fitness journey.

Make sure to read the START HERE page, then head over to the about me part. As of right now, there are no affiliate links, but I am open to working with guest writers, companies and such, not to earn money but rather to share knowledge & experience with one another.  Another part is there is no email list to join, or sign up for ( yet ) so to stay up to date with my day to day activities please visit my Instagram account.

I can’t wait to start putting down my knowledge, experiences both good & bad to share with you. I am touched you are reading this and joining me on this adventure. Be healthy is vital to our happiness. Please visit back often, more information will be along shortly.

Thanks for stopping by.


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