Why you Need a Word of the Year this Year

We have all done it, and yet we seem to fail. New Year’s Resolutions. We have the greatest intentions, biggest dreams & within 3 weeks it’s but a distant memory. This year, I encourage you to come up with a word to lead your direction this year, not a lofty large dream. A word of the year. 

I never heard of a word of the year until I became a health coach & it makes so much sense.  This is such a great way to set out my intention & theme for the coming year. Something tangible, reachable & yet gentle enough to guide me in the right direction when I get off course.

Why Choose a Word?

What is one dream you want to see come true this year? I know, I know I said no resolutions but we need to break this down for you.  Maybe it’s to lose weight, or pick up a hobby, or run a marathon or read all the books.  Any of those are great, but now you need a plan of action to get you across that finish line. So write out your goals, and a how to get there plan.  And after that, what is one word to describe that action that you can use to set your intention, theme, mindset by to help you actually accomplish that goal?  

  • Strength
  • Focus
  • Endurance
  • Accountability

to name a few ideas. Having that one word present in your thoughts will help you actually achieve that goal then a paragraph written down somewhere that you can’t remember.

Now What to do with it?

You now need to surround yourself with that word.  Get it printed on a coffee mug, put it as the screen saver on your phone. A post it note on your bathroom mirror, a hand written form of it on your vision board.  Having that one word present will have a greater impact on your day, not only 3 weeks from now but 3 months from now.  I remember my 2019 word of the year, because I wrote it down in my workout space. For the life of me I can’t remember my 2020 one as I never did write it down. But my 2021 word of the year? You are going to need to check out  my latest IG post for that one. 

I would love to know your word of the year. Put it out there, manifest it out loud on social media, tag me too! The more we can support each other, the better year we will all have!


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