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Seed Cycling

Signs your hormones may be out of balance: Irregular periods | Acne at particular times of the month | PMS | Hot flashes | & more

If these describe you then you need this PDF on seed cycling. Something you can consume daily to help begin to regulate your hormones naturally.

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At DripFit, we pride ourselves on our unique blend of 100% all-natural ingredients that target both the surface and cellular levels of your body. Use HEATHERPALMERCA at checkout


My daily does of quercetin. Just make sure the top corner on your order screen says Heather Palmer as your partner – want a discount email me first.

Fre Skin Care

Skin Care Products designed for women who are active. use code HEATHERPALMER at checkout

Sleep is VITAL to our health & any perimenopausal woman understands that our sleep cycles are precious and always interrupted. The last year I began taking these 3 supplements 30-45 minutes before lights out and I have to say 9/10 nights I sleep tight.

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