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Hey there, I'm Heather

Health Coach, photographer, fitness instructor, mom of 2, pie maker extraordinaire with a passion to help women learn that fit goes beyond the number on the scale & once we tackle our mindsets we can conquer the world!

heather palmer

I was skinny, then had 2 babies & was classified as obese. 7 years it took me to figure out what healthy actually means & for that excess weight to release.  I lost 45 pounds in 2017 & have kept it off since.

The journey was overwhelming, confusing & I felt like quitting many times.  Now – my goal is to share that with you, so you can have the same success.

heather palmer
heather palmer

work with me

The secret is simple. Consistency, accountability, learning how to eat & how to intentionally move your body.

What I spent 7 years learning was overwhelming. This is why I am working hard behind the scenes to create 2 online workshops for you.  A self directed space where you will learn all my secrets, all my tips & tricks & more. Coming 2022 | Macro Counting | Healthy Hormones with Heather. Both online workshops will provide you with the path to being consistent, access to a private group for that accountability & all the tools you need to succeed. #trustme

To get on the waiting list is only a simple email sign up. You will receive a free PDF on how to use the scale as a tool as a thank you. And when the 2 courses launch – you will be the first to know.


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