Hey there, I'm Heather

My hope is when you say yes to working with me, that inner confident, warrior stands up & literally seizes the day.

Of course with coffee in hand. 


All I can remember when growing up is that I wanted to work with people by helping them achieve their goals. I had no idea what that would mean & it has taken on various roles over my life. I was an Assisting Pastor who worked with families & children in the community. I worked at a bank helping people make better financial decisions. Completed our family with 2 awesome kids ( Greg & Veronica) & jumped full on into the online wellness accountability industry where I spend most of time today.

Capture & Design, Photography by Heather Palmer was started in 2007 as a way to bring my passion of photography into the digital age. And today I capture outdoor lifestyle & stylized stock images for your business. In 2018 I discovered the virtual fitness & nutritional coaching world which lead to teaching group fitness classes locally and founding team RAW as an entrepreneur  alongside the Heather Palmer Virtual Fit Gym. Doing exactly what my little girl heart dreamed of so many years ago.

Capture & Design

Outdoor lifestyle photography for you &/or your family.  Creator of the Non Traditional Santa Photos since 2014. Stylized stock photos for your business from products to website displays.

Let me capture your world today.

Fitness in Morinville


We all want to make an impact, have freedom through wellness & wealth  in our personal lives. With coaching I get walk alongside  some pretty awesome ladies while they gain confidence, reach their goals all while building an online business from their kitchen table or the beach. We live in a global community and this is the perfect blend of life, laughing & confidence anyone could ever need. I would love to chat with you about this.

Wellness Accountability

It’s not just a fitness thing. I teach woman where that middle shared ground is between fitness & mindset. Accountability while creating consistent habits is where the healthy lifestyle balance is found. 

Free Workouts, Fresh Recipes & Tips to Make it through Halloween. Only available till October 2022 so grab your copy today.

Morinville Sweats

Looking for a local group fitness class to participate in? Then look no further then MORINVILLE SWEATS. Full body cardio in different formats from HIIT, Dance, PIYO & more..  

Questions | Contact & More email: heathersrunningdiary@gmail.com

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