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Working with Women Over 40 for balanced hormones & finding the joy in life once again.

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heather palmer

Hey there!

I'm Heather, Group Fitness Instructor, Photographer & Virtual Health Coach

This is me, the cheeky lady who lives in hoodies, bare feet, drinks way too much coffee, always changes hair color & has my camera in hand. I tend to move lots & I like to share my passion with others. I may have the energy of a dozen toddlers, but hanging out with others and whether it’s capturing their memories or teaching a lifestyle change through proper eating and movement, I am always there for you!



Redefining what over 40 looks like, Group Fitness, Online Workouts, Hormone Health via Food & Intermittent Fasting

How we can work together

Group Fitness Classes

I teach Group Fitness Classes in Morinville,Alberta. Great for all fitness levels & modifications are always taught.

Virtual Fit Gym

Workout from home & get your nutrition on point with proven tools & strategies that work. Accountability & 1:1 coaching.

Business Mentorship

Turn your own health & fitness journey into a side hustle and earn some extra money doing the things you already do daily. 

Read more kind words from clients

  • ” I have used Heather a few times for family portraits and whenever I get the images back I am amazed as how natural & happy we look. She calls it lifestyle, I call it magic. I trust her work to hang on my walls anyday.”

  • ” Heather is always there for me, email, text or even private message. If she doesn’t know the answer she finds it. She encourages & always checks in on me when I go silent. She truly wants what’s best in the health department for me”

    Online Health Coach
  • “You always make me feel welcomed and empowered. You keep track of my progress as well as myself. You are always quick to help when I am struggling and never judge me. I feel safe and cared about in your classes – not just a number to make money. You are honest and open with us and in turn it allows us to be open and honest with you.
    I trust my physical activity to you! It is one of the best parts of my week.”
    Group Fitness Instructor

Let's Chat

Ready to say yes to you & make today day 1 with your health & fitness journey?

Let’s set you up with an easy to follow workout program along with a no restriction meal plan.  Accountability is the key to your long term success.

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