Work with Heather

You landed on this page because you need something, someone to aid you with your health & fitness goals. Maybe you have stalked Heather for some time & want in on what she is doing? Maybe you found Heather via a search engine & you are like SIGN ME UP! 

I know you have tried everything. You are afraid of failing or it not working yet again. I get it. I was there! But what if this is the one time it works. This is the last time you jump on and actually find success at being healthy for life? Seriously you are on this page because you are ready. You are ready to say “yes I need this in my life right now, today”. Let’s go!  

I get it. Life is busy. But let me start off by saying how proud I am you are here on this page right now. There will never be a right time,  more time or a better time then today to begin focusing on your health. You can do this. We can do this together!! 

It was winter 2010, my doctor did my yearly physical & announced I was obese.  My heart sank. What? How? Why? well, I had had 2 babies in 3 years and yes it was time to lose that weight. 

I began a 7 year long journey to lose 50 pounds.  You name it, I did it.

  • →fad diets
  • →cereal diets
  • →too much cardio
  • →lifted all the weights
  • →counted calories
  • →wrapped myself in plastic
  • →starved, over ate, restricted food
  • →pills
  • →& more

After 5 years of nothing, my doctor put me on hormone replacement therapy as it turned out my hormones were wacky and that is why the weight wasn’t coming off. 1 year on that and I said no more. It took the problems I was having & magnified them 10 fold. I gave my body a whole year’s rest & began a new journey in May 2017. MACROS.  

I stopped looking at the calories in and out as that clearly was not working & began to look at the ingredients of what I was consuming. I soon realized that certain ingredients didn’t serve me & that my broken body list including 50 pounds of fat were not budging. 

When I began to rearrange my macro counts – that is when my body healed. That is when the weight came off. 

That baby weight never came back, but now it’s the menopause battle. I am in a full blown action plan that involves anti inflammatory nutrition & cycle syncing my workouts to beat all those symptoms that may come.  I am ready to hit my 50’s as the healthiest version of me ever & I want to take you with me. I want work with you to be the healthiest you can be. 

My secret sauce for life long health is this: Accountability – consistency & self love.  I can provide you with the tools to accomplish this. 

You ready to step it up & become the healthiest version of you? Let’s chat and see what tools I currently use will work with your goals. 

Meal plans, supplements, workouts & more.

All you gotta do is email me, ask all the questions, tell me your story & goal & let’s go!

Email me at and let’s begin to see if we are a good fit for each other.