2024 is the year of the REBRAND. Keep this page bookmarked for what that will look like as the year goes on.

Guess What?!

I'm Heather!

In a nutshell I am the cheeky lady who lives in hoodies, bare feet, drinks way too much coffee & has a HUGE crush on Harrison Ford. Always has my camera in hand. I tend to move lots, it’s called exercise and I like to talk about anything with others. I may have the energy of a dozen toddlers, talk way too much, like the color green & brussels sprouts are growing on me.

What to be When I Grow Up?

I hated this question growing up, I still hate it. All I knew growing up is I wanted to work with people.  But what that looked like, I had no idea.  That path, vision has written different chapters in my life. I was a Licensed & Ordained Minister once upon a time. I ran community food banks, summer camps for kids & youth. Planned large scale events (5000+ people), counselled families & connected those families with community resources. I also dabbled in the financial world as a Business Bank Teller & fell in love with helping small business owners grow their business. Then I became a mom & my path changed. I did the AVON thing (did it well might I add), virtual assistant & began to work with small businesses behind the scenes in capturing stock photos, developing websites & setting up their socials. 

In 2007 I started Capture & Design Photography Studio, 2018 I turned my own health journey from losing the 50lbs+ of baby weight into a business working with women on their health journey.

So I guess you could say, I still work with people.

Currently doing


the running joke is how many cups are too many? I usually stop at a full pot. 


don’t hate me, but i literally run for fun. clears my mind & good for the body.


careful, i capture the world around me to freeze that moment in time

healthy life

i overshare all things healthy from foods, fitness & mindset. it’s contagious

Titles i go by

I have a few tasks on the go, just don’t tell me I am late for coffee time

The one truth I cling to is that you deserve self love, respect, sleep & to eat all the chocolate you desire without guilt. Whether I help you see this through photo's or helping you get healthy - you will believe it too!

All I ask is you don’t mock me if you see me on TikTok, I do the crazy dances & jingles like no one is watching. Life is too short to be serious.