Morinville Sweats

Working out is always better with friends.

No More Excuses!

Showing up for a group class in person is not only fun, but it holds you accountable on your journey to a stronger you!

Our classes are for people just like you!

No matter your fitness level or your experience, you will find people here that want to work hard, laugh often, have fun &  make themselves a little stronger today then they were yesterday.

You will find formats offered at our studio that you won’t find anywhere else in the Morinville area.  At Morinville Sweats we believe that group fitness should have a focus, and progression that you can actually see yourself getting leaner, stronger & your endurance levels improving class over class.  Each class uses no equipment, only your body weight which is optimum for teaching you mobility to do life. Any fitness level & any age over 18 is welcome. You have an injury? We got you covered with a low impact, mobility challenged options. You need intensity – We got you there!  Modifying doesn’t mean easier. It just means different for how your body responds.

You will leave each class knowing you worked hard & are stronger as a result.

morinville fitness class

Why a Group Class?

This means you in person with Heather as your instructor. Person to Person contact. Same room, same time, same space. HUGE Accountability for you.

The formats taught are like none other you will find in town.  The names may sound familiar: HIIT, Core & Strength, Cardio Kickboxing, Hip Hop Dance inspired, Step Class and a blend of yoga & Pilates. Then you add Heather’s passion for helping everyone at any fitness level crush their goals & move their bodies and that is where you get a class like no other. #justsaying

This is a community. Open to you.

Format of Classes

We spend 4-6 weeks on one format to help you monitor your gains, endurance & progression as this isn’t just another workout class. We do rotate between formats so it’s never the same class twice. See class descriptions/schedule below for more info.

February & March 2023 Class Details

  • Class address is at 9610B Morinville Dr. Morinville (we use the Rooke School of Karate Dojo space) In the summer months we do move outside but that isn’t till July & August. 

  • Email

  • Facebook community is Morinville Sweats 

Each class must have 4 registered to run that class. The description below will be updated as registrations are accepted.  Once a class is running of course drop in’s are always welcome. Drop in’s don’t need to register, you just show up to a scheduled class that is running. A separate fee is paid in full before the start of the class.

During  February & March classes we will be having: DripFit Challenge, Recipe share, Nutrition Made Simple, Habit Tracker will be available & more. Watch our Facebook Community for those details. And yes this is all included in your class session fee.

Feb & March 2023 Classes

Stay tuned for  Special Spring Break Classes for March 27-31, 2023

April – June’s Schedule will be available in March

How Do you join me?


Are you in our Facebook Group? Morinville Sweats. This is the quickest space to get information out to you. So get in there and add your friends too.

Get your butt to a class. It’s that easy. First fill out the registration form then get to class  I teach all the moves, the music is fun & lively. Everyone is always welcoming and we have a spot for you.

Heather is trained & certified to teach all classes she offers, She holds a valid business license in Morinville & insurance through Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada.   Morinville Sweats has been operating since January 2019.

Still Unsure?

Got questions?

It’s ok if you do, so don’t hesitate to email me.