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Group Fitness Class

Working out is always better with friends

Showing up for a group class in person is not only fun, but it holds you accountable on your journey to a stronger you!

 I am going to toot my own horn here.  You won’t find any class in the Morinville area that is remotely close to what I teach. Not only will you burn calories out the wazoo, you will become stronger, leaner & have new friends as a result. 

I am trained & certified to teach all classes I offer, I hold a valid business license in Morinville & insurance through Sports & Fitness Insurance Canada. just in case you are wondering.

I believe that group fitness should have a focus, and progression that you can actually see yourself getting leaner, stronger & your endurance levels improving week over week.  Each class uses no equipment, only your body weight which is optimum for teaching you mobility to do life. Any fitness level and any age over 18 is welcome. You have an injury? I got you covered with a low impact, no movement option. You need intensity – I got you there!

Modifying doesn’t mean easier. It just means different for how your body responds. 

The studio is always warm, inviting & from time to time you may see me break out in some awesome 80’s dance moves!  You will leave each class knowing you worked hard & are stronger as a result.

morinville fitness class

Why a LIVE class?

LIVE means you in person with me as your instructor. Person to Person contact. Same room, same time, same space. HUGE Accountability for you.

The formats I teach are like none other you will find in town.  The names may sound familiar: HIIT, Core & Strength, Cardio Kickboxing, Step Class and a blend of yoga & Pilates. Then you add my passion for helping everyone at any fitness level crush their goals & move their bodies and that is where you get a class like no other. #justsaying

This is a community. Open to anyone

You know you wanna. You just don’t know how. The thought of a gym membership scares you. The cost is outrageous and then you got the commute, time and all the hidden fees that come with.

This is where a local group classes comes in.

  1. You will find motivation at each class. Community, encouragement and new friends are waiting for you at every class.
  2. You don’t have to have a plan, know what machines to use, what equipment. I do all that thinking for you. The structure is set, you just gotta show up ready to sweat.
  3. My role as the instructor is to help you in form & technique of every move. This way you won’t injure yourself and you get the most muscle work out of each move thus burning a whole lotta calories.
  4. You will never get bored with the variety of formats offered. And each format compliments your already active lifestyle
  5. Signing up for a set number of classes will keep you accountable on your wellness journey.  and my prices are very reasonable, with no hidden fees or memberships.
  6. We have fun. Upbeat music, easy to learn moves and always something to learn new about yourself. 

Register Today!


All Saturday Mornings in March, 2022

3 Classes

8-9 AM – less then an hour long class

No refunds, transfers on classes not attended by you, no pro rating for mid month registration

$30 for 3 classes paid in full prior to May 5, 2022

To register please email with MAY CLASS in the subject line.


Email Money Transfer at  

or click the button below for credit card payments.


Can’t commit to the full month, no worries. Choose how many Saturday’s you can commit to & add to cart.

8-9 Am – less then an hour long class

No refunds, transfers on classes not attended by you, no pro rating

$15 per class paid in full 24 hours to scheduled class

To register please email with DROP IN in the subject line & list what dates you will be present.


Email Money Transfer at  

or click the button below for credit card payments.

Power Stretching

watch for details about a possible class in coming summer 2022

To register please email with POWER STRETCHING in the subject line.


Email Money Transfer at  

or click the button below for credit card payments.


Each class requires 4 registered people in order for that class to run.  Please watch MORIVILLE SWEATS for those updates & cancellations f they occur.

All Classes are held at 9610B Morinville Dr.  We use the space at Rooke School of Karate which is in the back half of the Morinvile United Church building

We workout in bare feet, on padded sports mats. If you require additional padding please bring a yoga mat.

Always bring with you a water bottle, towel and a smile.

There is no REP in place, if you want to wear a mask you may, but that is not requried.

** if paying by credit card & it inputs a TIP amount, please change that to $0 as it’s a technical glitch that I am working on correcting.

How Do you join me?


Are you in our Facebook Group? Morinville Sweats. This is the quickest space to get information out to you. So get in there and add your friends too.


Are you on my class email list?  Just send me an email at and request to be on my class only email list. You can unsubscribe at any time.


Get your butt to a class. It’s that easy.  I teach all the moves, the music is fun & loud. Everyone is always welcoming and we have a spot for you.

Still Unsure?

Got questions?

Most people do, so don’t hesitate to email me. 

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