• 7 Tips to Sleep Better Heading into Menopause

    Why does the saying go sleep like a baby? My babies never slept, it was awful. I had to work HARD to get them to sleep, stay asleep & want to go to bed on time. And now as an adult on the cusp of menopause sleep is even harder for me. What gives? this post I just want to share a few tips I have learned along the way on  how to sleep in menopause.

    7 Tips to Sleep Better Heading into Menopause

    7 Tips to Sleep Better Heading into Menopause

    It’s sad that this has to be said, BUT there will always be the odd night where the neighbors throw a party, your 16 year sneaks out, your baby is up all night vomiting, your husband won’t stop snoring, the dog decides this is the night to lick herself at the foot of your bed.  There is always going to be that odd night. What I am talking about is the other 6 in a week where everything can go right.

    I also have to point out:

    • 📌insulin resistance/diabetics may not sleep through the night due to blood sugar drops/rises so makes sure you are on top of this
    • 📌You are a new parent – nothing I can do other then hug you. 
    • 📌Certain medicines will affect your sleep or need to be taken at night
    • 📌you are not hydrated at a cellar level so you are up all night peeing from all the water you drink during the day
    • 📌 Pregnant moms don’t sleep well either
    • 📌 people who suffer depression, anxiety, other mental health challenges don’t sleep well either

    So, if you are a relatively healthy person and sleep is still not your friend, maybe something below will help you out.

    ps. I am not a doctor so please talk with them to first to make sure any supplements, or actions don’t interfere with anything they are currently working with you on.

    7 Tips to Sleep Better Heading into Menopause

    https://heatherpalmer.ca/one-ingredient-that-should-be-eliminated/Get outside and get that natural daylight/sunlight on your face for at least 10-15 minutes minutes as early as you can in the day. Dont’s wear sunglasses, just go outside, drink your coffee out there, walk the dog. DO IT.  Melatonin the sleep hormone is created in the eyes as well as the pineal gland. Getting natural light on you early in the day helps create this hormone & reset your circadian rhythms between day & night.  

    Create a bed time routine. When my kids were young we would put them in a warm bath, have warm milk/bottle and read a story in a dimly lighted room on the bed, then wrap up in a blanket and turn the lights off and sleep away they would go. We adults need to do this to ourselves.  Create a routine that winds you down from the day. No TV, no electronics, no alcohol or sugary treats, make your bedroom for sleep not a Sunday Football game night.  Calm is what we need.

    Supplements, I take 3 every night 30-45 minutes before bed & the nights I forget, I don’t sleep so well. You can find out what they are by grabbing my free PDF by clicking here now

    No more liquids after dinner. No heavy foods or energy/caffeinated drinks either. We need to slow down our digestion at night & not be up all night peeing. I am a dinner & done kind of person. I limit any water intake at night and make sure I do use the washroom before sleep.

    Make your bed desirable. clean sheets, make the bed, tuck in those sheets, wear pretty pj’s, a nice lamp, make your bed a place you can’t wait to get to. Be proud of where you sleep.

    AND.. this one I notice BIG TIME. If I workout at night, my endorphins kick in & I have energy for days, so I need to workout early in the day. 

    And finally deal with the lemons life is throwing at you. Don’t go to bed mad, angry or anxious. The dishes can sit in the sink for the night if that means you go to bed on time. Your mental health is the biggest player in your sleep cycle. Mediate, therapy, reading personal development books. Do something to help your heart.

    There you go! 7 ways to help you sleep heading into menopause. These work for me, it’s not something that is going to work first night, but being consistent in your routine will pay off & sleep will once again be your friend every nigh!