One Ingredient That Should Be Eliminated

One Ingredient That Should Be Eliminated

When I was trying to go from obese to healthy & nothing was working, I was frustrated! I was told it was all about calories.. but it so is not! Losing weight & keeping it off isn’t always about the calories. It’s what the calories are made up of that counts. A lesson I learned the hard way. There was 1 of 4 ingredients that kept popping up in my “healthy” food choices that I began to research. This is the One Ingredient That Should Be Eliminated from what you eat starting today.

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Let's Talk Seed Oils

Let’s talk SEED OILS

Did you know most of our packaged foods contain seed oils. And that these oils are very high in polyunsaturated fatty acids which promote inflammation & the accumulation of toxins in the body. In simple terms – very bad for our hormones, weight issues & brain function.

Too many of them contain additives & are processed with hexane chemicals – sometimes even petroleum. Most of the plants used have been GMO’d which is a whole other ball of fire. These oils were originally created for either a fuel source or used in soap. Formerly called toxic waste – these seed oils now show up in way too many foods we consume daily.

Common seed oils are:
•Soybean oil
•Corn oil
•Cottonseed oil
•Canola oil
•Rapeseed oil
•Sunflower oil
•Sesame oil
•Grapeseed oil
And let’s not forget cooking spray, and good old fashioned vegetable oil.

One Ingredient that Should be Eliminated!

I encourage you to begin read your labels, leave at the grocery store any foods that contain these & begin to make healthy swaps. It surprised me that my beloved peanut butter contained them, so I began to make some choices to better my health & that is when the weight started coming off easily.

My 2 favorite oils to use now are avocado & coconut. A little tip – when I bake I use avocado oil instead of vegetable & my baking is way more fluffier & lighter. And I even found an avocado oil spray for those sticky pans I have.

When you begin to eliminate seed oils from your daily food intake BIG healthy changes are going to start happening to your body & yes, your waist could get smaller without even trying. #justsaying