Whether you are a morning person or not, I have found 4 simple tasks I do each morning during the summer to help me wake up, prepare my body for the day & to get my mind set on the positive. Here is my Easy Summer Morning Routine.

asy summer morning routine

4 Easy Tasks to do Every Morning

Now don’t get me wrong, I am like every other human out there. My alarm goes off, I hit snooze a few times lie in bed procrastinating whether I should get up or not and my bladder usually wins that battle.  

That battle in my mind has set me up for the day. A day of procrastination, doubt & laziness.   This summer I have found 4 simple tasks to do right after I pee that has set my day up for success.  Mindset is everything and it is soooo connected to my body.  When both my mind & body are in harmony I can move about my day without worry, without stiffness and I can be calm & relaxed no matter what my day unfolds. Here is my Easy Summer Morning Routine.

Easy Summer Morning Routine

After the bladder is happy I head to the kitchen.  I use room temperature water and fill an 8oz glass. I squeeze 1/4 lemon slice juice into, add a pinch of pink Himalayan salt & head outside.

You have just gone 6-10 hours without water (you were sleeping) and you are dehydrated. Your body went to repair mode while you slept & during that process puts the garbage into your system to be evacuated so help it along with a glass of water. And it’s 8oz towards your daily goal intake done!!  Room Temperature so it doesn’t shock your system with being too cold or hot.  Lemon is great for vitamin C and has many cancer fighting properties. The Himalayan salt to replenish your electrolytes you lost while you sleep.  And please don’t use processed table salt. Get the good stuff – it really does the body good.

Now grab your phone or mp3 player. Put on a good tune and head outside.  The sooner you can get natural day light onto you the better. (this is why this is my “summer” routine, you will have to come back later for my winter one). If you are like me sleep is hard.  The amount, length of and quality is not great so helping my circadian rhythm aids in tonight’s sleep being better. Our bodies have an internal system that regulates sleep & wake cycles and the lack of natural light can off set this system. So the sooner you can get natural daylight on you the better.  3-5 minutes each morning is great!  

I have my phone with me to play my favorite tune and while the sun lands on me I bounce ( dance like a crazy perso) on the balls of my feet for the duration of that song.  This wakes up my lympatic system.  The good tunes always puts me in a good mood.

"The lymph fluid cannot move on its own. It moves as a result of your body movements. Bouncing helps to open and close the one way valves of the lymph ducts to allow free flowing removal of waste. This is important because when toxins build up in your body you will have reduced energy levels".

Now I prefer to do this bare footed.  I am usually checking  in on my garden during this time. You know making sure the pumpkin flowers need help in pollinating, seeing what veggies are ready to harvest & just to be grounded, also called earthling. This electrically connects me to the earth.  The benefits help my sleep patterns, my energy levels, can reduce inflammation & helps promote better blood flow.

There you have it, my 4 easy tasks to an easy summer morning routine.

Implementing these 4 things into my morning each day this summer has helped my mood, energy levels, hormones & over all total wellness.  Connect with me on Social Media & let me know if you tried any of these Easy Summer Morning Routine and how do you feel!