• Ladies ONLY Boot Camp April 2019

    21 day fix

    Wine & Donuts for April 2019 Calling all ladies 18 years & over who live in either Canada, the Uk or the USA to a ladies only bootcamp!! You give me 21 days and I will help you start some new healthy habits that will make you look forward to those cute spring skirts and […]

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  • Sample post divides into columns

    Liquorice pastry gingerbread gingerbread tiramisu. Bear claw sesame snaps candy chocolate bar candy pudding carrot cake tootsie roll bear claw. Marshmallow chocolate cake ice cream donut muffin. Chupa chups danish lemon drops faworki biscuit wypas halvah. Faworki oat cake gingerbread pastry apple pie wafer caramels. Wypas sweet croissant lollipop. Cotton candy gummi bears powder brownie […]

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  • What’s Up with All the Shakes?

    whats with all the shakes

    If you have followed me on social media enough you will know that I enjoy a shake a day to top up my nutrition and how tasty it is. But what confuses people is the why , what, when, macros and all that that goes along with that shake. So let’s debunk some myths, tell […]

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  • Do at Home Workouts Really Work?

    Yes, in short at home workouts work! The 2 images above are less then a year apart. And I workout from home maybe 30 minutes a day. Let me break it down. Do at Home Workouts Really Work? When my knee blew out and running was on the no no list, I turned to a […]

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  • What’s Happening February 2019

    There is always something for everyone at our studio here and I want to make it easy for you to find out what, when, where and how!! Virtual Gym Membership is always open, join anytime, but there is no better time then today!! Free Week begins, February 4 and I would love for you to […]

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  • Free Week with Heather Every Month

    Follow my blog with Bloglovin Free Week with Heather Every Month I get it, it’s risky to say yes to your own health & wellness. Investments should be risky and should be researched before you commit. And that is why I have you covered with a free week with me!!! The first full week in […]

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